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 forumfan – Wed Mar 01, 2017 

Abbie and Hot in Heels-2 girl special

After seeing Abbie's recent posts on the forum decided to treat myself to Abbie's 2 girl special with Hot in Heels.

Abbie and Hot are 2 of the loveliest ladies you could ever wish to meet. A bit like your favourite aunties whose bodies you have always secretly admired.

The ladies were ready and waiting for me when I arrived and no time was wasted in getting straight into the action. Abbie and Hot really do like each other, a lot, and I was privileged to be of what was basically a massive 'love in'.

It was really quite a surreal experience. Myself and two beautiful ladies both with delicious bodies, all sharing and enjoying each others bodies, tits everywhere, lips everywhere , mouths everywhere, like dying and going to heaven.

This is an experience that should be on everyone's bucket list to try at least once in your life, like a trip to Disneyland or a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.

Thank you ladies for such a wonderful time, and for being such genuinely lovely people.


mt107 (0)    10/03/2017 

Was nervous but Abbie made me feel welcome and relaxed. Genuine photos, a lovely curvaceous woman. Abbie guided me and made our meeting extremely pleasurable


Biscuit121 Thursday 9 March

Positive – Excellent 2 girl service with Abbie and Hot in Heels. I will definitely be back for another visit.

Would visit again:    Yes
Would recommend:    Yes
Value for money:    Excellent
Overall Rating:    9.6 out of 10

About the Venue    Score: 9/10

Apartment near to St. Stephen's shopping centre in Hull. Very clean, with easy parking and good direction means it is easy to find. The area is safe.

About Curvy Abbie

Physical    Score: 9/10
Good looking MILF brunette as per the profile.
Hot in Heels is another good looking MILF brunette.

Personality    Score: 10/10
Both girls were very outgoing and will take the lead or be submissive. Their GFE and PSE were excellent with plenty of lesbian play

Services    Score: 10/10
I had the GFE and PSE in the hour with both girls.

About the Meeting    Score: 10/10

I have seen the girls before together and individually and both enjoy their job. They do not clock watch and I was offered a drink before and a shower before and after the service. At £160 for an hour with these girls is the best value for money I have had as far as I can remember. I texted 5 minutes before the agreed time to say I had arrived and was directed to the apartment which is close to the city centre but has free parking for 2 hours about 2 minutes walk away. I understand that there is parking at the apartment as well. Thee girls greeted me at the door and we started kissing as soon as I entered the apartment. We proceeded to the bedroom and while I undressed the girls were sucking each others tits. As I was kissing one of the girls the other sucked on my cock and then both of them were at my cock sucking and licking my balls. I asked Hot In heels to lie on the bed and while I licked her out Abbie was sucking her tits and kissing her. I fucked Hot in Heels while Abbie spanked me and played with my balls and then we changed position with HIH on top and Abbie straddling my face. To finish off I removed the condom and both girls gave me a blow job to complete round one. Then after licking Abbie she rode my cock while HIH sat on my face so I could give her a licking. Somewhere during the session I know that the girls were licking each other. With 10 minutes of the time left the girls gave me a massage to relax me.


bigtruckermark -Thursday 2 March
Meet Location:    Hull (In-call)

Fee:    £160
Extras:    Everything (Expected)


Rating & Feedback…
Neutral – Fantastic meet with Abbie & hot in heels Carnot wait till next time come on guys give these horny girls a try you don't know what you are missing

Would visit again:    Yes
Would recommend:    Yes
Value for money:    Excellent
Overall Rating:    10.0 out of 10

About the Venue    Score: 10/10

Great apartment close to railway station easy to find plenty of parking nearby 
Very clean appartmebt 
There was no private enterence but the enterence was discrete and felt safe

About Curvy Abbie

Physical    Score: 10/10
Both girls stunning great service given
Both girls dressed to my liking 
Picture don't do them justice

Personality    Score: 10/10
Great girls to be with interacted with each other as well as with me 
Really got the gfe that I was expecting seen these girls before and can't wait until nextime

Services    Score: 10/10
Got all the services I wanted and more plenty of cock sucking by both girls and pussy licking on each other very wet pussies on both girls great tit & arse Abbie has very sensitive nipples so guys be careful with them

About the Meeting    Score: 10/10

Shower was offered and offered a drink but just wanted to lick, suck and fuck these horny girls to death 
Not once did they look at the clock they both seemed to enjoy it and didn't want to stop will be back soon for more of these ladies.
So guys come on let's luck after them and use them if you you want to visit the give the 2girl a try they will put you at ease from the start and blow you away and each other.
Both girls are happy to do all service on the list or you can lie back and watch them on each other 
It one point I had hot in heels sat on my face whilst Abbie was sucking my cock then the next minute it was other way round Abbie managed to make me shoot my load all over the place 
Best £160 I've spent in a long time will see you again soon girls 
Keep it up


Sam-Osa (18)    06/03/2017 

 Excellent 2 girl meet with Abbie and Samantha, really enjoyed the company of two ladies with ample assets, yum! Lots DFK, OWO, I wasn't disappointed. Will return


Funtime4  15/02/2017 

Lovely time spent with Abby. she is one of the best and knows how to turn a man on. I enjoyed my time spent with abby. many thanks. I totally recomend her

MillerMan2040 – 21/01/2017 

Always a great pleasure to spend time in Abbies wonderful company.Have said it before,but she really is a top lady. Thanks Abbie. xx


hammy1218 -Thursday 19 January
Meet Location:    Abbie's flat (In-call)

Fee:    £60
Extras:    None (Unexpected)

Rating & Feedback…
Positive – Just finished an eye opening half an hour with two of the most giving ladies I have ever been with, field report to follow

Would visit again:    Yes
Would recommend:    Yes
Value for money:    Excellent
Overall Rating:    9.0 out of 10

About the Venue    Score: 10/10

I met Abbie and Cath at Abbie's flat in the centre of Hull. It was easy to find and lots of free parking across the road. I felt very safe around the area, the entrance was protected with a call button to the flats. Very discreet no one taking any notice of what you are doing.

About Curvy Abbie

Physical    Score: 10/10
Both ladies were dressed in black sexy underwear with the added effect of stockings and suspenders. When they opened the door I must of looked a sight with my eyes popping out and my bottom jaw hitting my chest.

Personality    Score: 10/10
When I rang Abbie it was to fix up for an hour with Abbie after reading her profile.Abbie explained that they had a two ladies deal going for today. I have never done two ladies before and was very nervous. Abbie asked if I had ever been with two ladies before I said no she then put me at ease straight away it's ok if you come in your pants we will look after you for the whole meeting very down to earth but yet very professional Put a smile on my face and felt at ease

Services    Score: 10/10
The services offered are accurate with Abbie's and Cath's profile. I tried a few things on there likes list but will try more the next time I visit these gorgeous ladies.

About the Meeting    Score: 5/10

After my conversation with Abbie on the phone I felt I should try ticking one of those boxes, you all know what I mean the bucket lists? I was still a bit nervous when I got to the door not really knowing what to expect two ladies what was I doing !! The door opened lots of eye popping looks from me but they both put me at ease straight away a few jokes and I was then expecting to sit on the side and watch the two ladies do the bizz. How wrong was I they starting kissing in front of me and then to my surprise invited me to join them. Very interactive over the next few minutes with kissing and touching each other. Things progressed and was invited onto the bed wow next 20 min passed very quickly lots of face sittings, oral and the rest I will keep to myself but gents if you are thinking of doing a threesome, these two ladies I would highly recommend especially if you are nervous or just want to tick the box just do it. Last of all wanted to thank Abbie and Cath for a fantastic half hour I will be back xxx



Mark1280 -Thursday 22 December
Meet Location:    Hull (In-call)

Fee:    £80
Extras:    Like an all inclusive holiday. No extras required (Unexpected)


Rating & Feedback…
Positive – Absolutely fantastic lady. Great time which went far too quickly xx

Would visit again:    Yes
Would recommend:    Yes
Value for money:    Excellent
Overall Rating:    10.0 out of 10

About the Venue    Score: 10/10

I met the beautiful Abbie at her equally beautiful home. Both Abbie and her home were immaculate and again both smelled clean and fresh. Her home is easy to find with plenty of on street parking. Her home is situated in one of the more up market areas in hull so you feel safe and secure at all times.

About Curvy Abbie

Physical    Score: 10/10
Abbie is exactly as shown on her pictures. Her face is beautiful too which was an added bonus. She was dressed in quality clothing and high heeled shoes which she kept on throughout the complete date. All I can say is that from minute one of seeing her I knew I had made a great choice.

Personality    Score: 10/10
Abbie is without a doubt one of the nicest lady's you will meet on here. She is very outgoing and friendly with a beautiful soft spoken English voice. If you were every nervous this lady will put you at ease straight away. Abbie provides the real GFE to a better standard than I could of dreamed of.

Services    Score: 10/10
I studied Abbies lists of likes and made sure they were what I was seeking. She does charge for extra for a couple of specialised services such as anal which she does state on her profile. This was not something I was looking for (this time) so no extras were required. I availed myself of a few things on offer and everyone was provided and they were provided to an excellent standard. From what was listed and what I wanted I would have to say that her profile is 100 percent accurate.

About the Meeting    Score: 10/10

No no no. I never do a full review of what I did on a meet. This is between me and the lady. If you want to know what to expect then study the profile and pictures making sure you read her likes and any dislikes. Then provided you turn up clean and fresh with manners you are likely to be treated well. No I wasn't actually offered a shower before or after the meet but Abbie knew I had literally just come out of the bath prior to turning up as we mutually agreed a slight change in our meeting time. Again she knows I live only a few minutes away so did not need to use her facilities afterwards. I believe she did enjoy her time with me too as I like to be respectful. Not once did I feel hurried or.rushed and on no account did she practice the art if either clock watching or time wasting. Perfect meet with a perfect lady and I have already booked a return visit


jelly legs 07/12/2015
Its been a few weeks since i saw abbie and still got a big smile on my face fantastic as ever

trohs2sefil 04/12/2015 

Lived up to her high reputation. Very sexy lady. Treat her right guys. xxx

1guy1girl 04/12/2015 

Abbie is stunning and a vary nice lass. Plus she knows how to suck and fuck

holelover40 23/11/2015
100% pure woman and an absolute pleasure to spend an hour with. will definitely see again. thank you abbie for your beautiful charm and smile. xx

MillerMan2040 22/11/2015
Quite simply, pure class in every way. Highly recommended.x


mickey1964 09/11/2015

Think my penis is broken
Report On:    Curvy Abbie 
Report By:    mickey1964
Meet Date:    Monday 9 November
Meet Location:    Hull (In-call)

Fee:    £100
Extras:    Like been on holiday all inclusive (Unexpected)

Rating & Feedback…
Positive – Think my penis is broken

Would visit again:    Yes
Would recommend:    Yes
Value for money:    Excellent
Overall Rating:    10.0 out of 10

About the Venue    Score: 10/10

Have met Abbie before long time ago and thought its about time we met again
her place is easy to find and park and the entrance is via intercom so very safe
Once inside very comfortable and offered shower at the end also with drink 
my oppinion value for money

About Curvy Abbie

Physical    Score: 10/10
Pictures are accurate but she is 100% better in the flesh

Personality    Score: 10/10
Very friendly and chatty and makes you feel like your long lost friends

Services    Score: 10/10
Would say Abbie will do all on her list we had owo reversed and lots of positions

About the Meeting    Score: 10/10

On arrival was met by a stunning Abbie who looked fantastic in thigh boots. Was offered a drink but declined and finances was put to bed . Now abbie was relaxed she straddled me on the settee and passionate french kissing began.
was not long before my clothes was ripped from me and chucked to other side of the room. What followed was aprox half hour of oral with Abbie just stopping before . 
Then out came her friend and we tried lots f positions which i think Abbie did to . Then Abbie finnished me of over her loverly body .
And sometime during my athletic hour she broke my cock as dont think it has ever had that much attention ever
Can definatly reccomend Abbie as she is down to earth and real esy to get on with 
For now tho is they a doctor in the house as next time will make sure y penis is alot fitter to take the pounding lol

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Tracker 06/11/2015

Excitement and passion – great session again – thanks Abbie

sheerdelight 03/11/2015 

There's no better way to start any day but with this most beautiful of woman…a goddess of sex who is truely extraordinary..the no.1 sex on legs x.

Mickey – 09/11/2015 – Wonderful Abbie

Met Abbie today and for anyone who has not had the pleasure can reccomend highly  :dance: 
was given directions and is an intercom access so nice and safe from prying eyes . Abbie is a joy to be around and makes you feel welcome was offered a drink on arrival 
Once the paperwork was out the way had a full 1 hour of intense fun that much i think she broke my penis  šŸ˜€ was also offered a shower before i left
Will not leave it as long before i visit again 
5 star service


MillerMan2040 12/10/2015 

Abbie is quite simply the warmest,friendliest and sexiest person you could hope to meet.You'll be back. Thanks Abbie xx

kisscuddleorfuck 09/10/2015

What can I say but wow. had a fantastic time with this lovely lady.very friendly, very attractive and the best bj I have ever had!!! will deffo be seeing againx

Tracker 04/09/2015 09:36

Another great session with Abbie. Can't stay away.


Charisma 17/08/2015

I saw the stunning Abbie a few weeks ago for an hour of pure bliss.

Have seen Abbie a good few times now and have always felt a million dollars afterwards, this was no exception.

I can't recommend her enough to be honest, if you haven't seen her then you are really missing out!


Sheerdelight 14/08/2015

Abbie is without doubt the no.1 here on AW.truely fantastic in every way.a beautiful human being who oozes sex appeal and is sex on gorgeous legs…wow!


Sausagemeat13 11/08/2015

Amazing hour with an amazing girl


Sheerdelight 04/08/2015

Abbie is the ultimate and gorgeous sex-on legs….the best and most fab way to start your day.beautiful…bx

Grayman1234 29/07/2015 

Very attraactive lady who made feel fantastic. A real GFE

a1andy528 28/07/2015 

Had a great time with Abbie, very sexy and knows how to please a man.

Tricky85 21/07/2015
Fantastic morning with a lovely girl. Must see gents!!x


Lockie1234 17/07/2015 

Best GFE I have had!!! Great lass, put me at ease from walking in the door…


gemdoc 21/07/2015 

Spent a wonderful time with Abbie. Clean flat near a city centre supermarket. Easy to find and secure. Abbie puts you at ease at once. She is a very sensual lady who enjoys giving and receiving. We had a very pleasurable hour which was not rushed. Thoroughly recommended. I will be back!


Tracker 06/07/2015 

Abbie knows how to press my buttons. Perfect service from a wonderful lady.


Sparky408  24/06/2015 

Absolutely fantastic! Abbie puts you straight at ease & she's so very sexy! Thanks Abbie, had a fantastic time – the BJ was the best – I'll definitely be back!

robofhull 23/06/2015 

Fantastic time with Abbie, a very sexy lady who I could spend days with.


jelly legs 12/06/2015 

Wow abbie is looking better then ever thanks to her all over tan (no white lines any were) all i can say is she must have turned some heads on her holidays


Soup Dragon 18/05/2015 

Yet another great meeting with the perfect naughty girl

MillerMan2040 05/05/2015 

A very special lady.great personality,great company,very naughty,makes you feel very special.You will definetely go back for more.xxxx

Tracker 15/04/2015 

Mind blowing, earth shattering experience. Still smiling two days later

Loves lace top stock 06/04/2015 

Amazing time with one one of the very best on this site


hullguy49 20/03/2015

Another amazing hour with a stunningly sexy lady. Thank you Abbie x


jacksontiger 17/03/2015 

First class, highly recommended. Thank you very much


blackshoe 13/03/2015

Had great fun with Abbie yesterday, always ready to please


sheerdelight 06/03/2015 

yet another fantastic meeting with the gorgeous Abi…definately one of aw's finest.already looking forward to my next visit..x


Seymore1981 09/03/2015 

Fantastic once again


Snerge 03/03/2015 

Saw Abbie again, sweet, great outfit, she always makes me feel really horny, very sexy time, defiantly not to be missed…..I will be back thank you again Abbie

Report On:    Curvy Abbie 
Report By:    snerge
Meet Date:    Wednesday 18 February
Meet Location:    Hull (In-call)

Fee:    £90
Extras:    –


Rating & Feedback…
Positive – Saw Abbie again, sweet, great outfit, she always makes me feel really horny, very sexy time, defiantly not to be missed…..I will be back thank you again Abbie

Would visit again:    Yes
Would recommend:    Yes
Value for money:    Good
Overall Rating:    9.0 out of 10

About the Venue    Score: 9/10

A late report but another excellent meeting with Abbie , as usual good directions discreet & easy to find

About Curvy Abbie

Physical    Score: 9/10
Seen before but as per profile

Personality    Score: 9/10
Always brings out the dirty in me

Services    Score: 9/10
Good oral skills kissing, dirty talk, watersports…always a bonus

About the Meeting    Score: 9/10

A very enjoyable session with lots of enthusiasm from Abbie very nice underwear, great cock play & teasing suck, nice bald tasty pussy, great for licking, & natural juice too. I requested Abbie to be full, when I arrived, for a full watersports session ( not everyone's cup of tea I know) & she was, she had been drinking plenty of water, but I asked her to wait, which seemed to add to her sexual enjoyment of the session, we had a good amount of dirty chat which always turns me on, plenty of slow foreplay, very soon I was oozing pre cum which Abbie seemed to take as a compliment, & seemed to add to her enjoyment, Abbie is a very expirienced & a very sexy lady who should be treated with respect, you are a true star, a pleasure to visit
Abbie is defiantly not a clock watcher
Thank you I will be back

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kevin_2015 26/02/2015 

Abbie is a very sexy woman, but she can put the most nervous person at ease with her personality. Her body is amazing and exactly as her photos, 100% genuine

Report On:    Curvy Abbie 
Report By:    kevin_2015
Meet Date:    Tuesday 24 February
Meet Location:    Hull (In-call)

Fee:    £90

Extras:    None expected (Unexpected)

Rating & Feedback…
Positive –  Abbie is a very sexy woman, but she can put the most nervous person at ease with her personality. Her body is amazing and exactly as her photos, 100% genuinely

Would visit again:    Yes
Would recommend:    Yes
Value for money:    Excellent
Overall Rating:    10.0 out of 10

About the Venue    Score: 10/10

Abbie’s home, so somewhere in Hull is close enough. 
Very safe location nobody else there apart from the cat

About Curvy Abbie

Physical    Score: 10/10
Lives up to her name “Curvy” perfectly proportioned and looks fantastic in lingerie, facially is very attractive, could easily pass for mid-thirties. 

Profile and pictures genuine

Personality    Score: 10/10
Abbie is so friendly. She puts you at your ease immediately.

100% perfect GFE

Services    Score: 10/10
Full GFE delivered by a perfect exponent.

About the Meeting    Score: 10/10

Parked the car round the corner from Abbie house at her request and called to get the house number, got this and was told to just walk straight in and don’t knock, as I approached the door all I could think off were the warning you read about on other sites, would it be Abbie or an Horror as I hadn’t seen any facial pictures. Walked into the house and WOW greeted by a very attractive MILF with a big hug and kiss, don’t know what I was worried about.
Went upstairs following that lovely arse into the bedroom and continued with more kissing cuddling and playing with her fantastic 38DD breasts, moved onto the bed where Abbie insisted I went down on her which being a gentleman I couldn’t refuse, does a fantastic OWO with loads of spit and attention to your balls this was followed by a 69er which proved too much for me and I shot my load, Lay talking for a while before Abbie tried to get me up for round two with an oily tit wank and more oral, but despite her best efforts I couldn’t rise to the occasion. Need to get some of them bloody blue pills. Will definitely return

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hullfc2524  25/02/2015 

Had the pleasure of spending 60 mins with the lovely Abbie yesterday. As usual this was a special time more so that iam going through a difficult time in my life she listened to my problems and really comforted me. Thank you Abbie you really are a special lady 
Paul xxxx


kennyboy36 25/02/2015 
Wow! What a lady. Will most definitely be booking again.

Report On:    Curvy Abbie 
Report By:    kennyboy36
Meet Date:    Tuesday 24 February
Meet Location:    Hull (In-call)

Fee:    180
Extras:    N/A (Expected)

Rating & Feedback…
Positive – Wow! What a lady. Will most definitely be booking again.

Would visit again:    Yes
Would recommend:    Yes
Value for money:    Excellent
Overall Rating:    9.0 out of 10

About the Venue    Score: 10/10

Rang Abbie from outside and was directed straight to her door. Her apartment was clean & tidy, with plenty of parking nearby as it is very close to a major shopping centre in Hull. I felt very safe and comfortable whilst there.

About Curvy Abbie

Physical    Score: 10/10
What can I say, wow! Abbie is one hot lady. extremely curvy (in all the right places), very beautiful, tanned and oh did I say hot! She was dressed for sex in heels, stockings, sexy underwear & short skirt. Her pictures and profile need no further explanation other than, spot on.

Personality    Score: 10/10
Abbie is one hell of a sexy lady, most definitely not shy or retiring. She will make you feel like you've known her all your life and give you the GFE that you're expecting.

Services    Score: 10/10
There's not enough space to go into what Abbie will do to you. She will welcome you with an amazing kiss and from there on, you just place yourself in her sexy arms, body, boobs, pussy, arse and anything else you can place yourself in and then just enjoy the ride. The fact that she was able to make me cum twice is testament enough to her abilities and her oral skills alone should be reason enough to book her. Make sure you read her profile closely and then you might get a small idea of what pleasure you'll be in for.

About the Meeting    Score: 5/10

From the minute Abbies front door opened till when I left, the time I spent with her will be remembered by me as the best 2 hours I have spent with any woman ever. She oozes pure sex and if you lick her properly she'll ooze for you! I know that Abbie really enjoyed the date, just from her body language alone. But she'll be vocal enough with you, with both praise and constructive critisism if you need it. Abbie is most definitely not a clock watcher and to be honest I don't even remember seeing a clock in her apartment, if it wasn't for the fact that she had to be somewhere that afternoon, I think I might still be there now. I was offered a selection of drinks on arrival and again afterwards. There was the opportunity to have a shower (there's plenty of men's toiletries too) after the date which I declined.

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athingfortights 23/02/2015
Surpassed all expectations. Book Abbie now! You won't be disappointed…


sadal 16/02/2015
I was met at the door with a big kiss and offer a drink and I had just come from the gym , the tea went down in a flash !. We then had a chat with made me feel at ease . After a few minutes we move onto the bed and let mother nature take its course.

We fell in to each other with lots of kissing and touching , with Abbie very much taking the lead . we moved onto a very deep and relaxing massage which help remove and pains from my gym workout.

 We kiss some more and then went down on Abbie were i enjoyed the fruits of my labours the then moved onto 69 which something I will not forget in a hurry !!!!

Then I was on to the end game Abbie on top and them me from behind , it ended with my exploding inside her . My relaxed in each over company and did it all over again .

If you won't a great time with someone who offices you more then just a hump Abbie is the woman for you and trust me she is all woman

dustym18 13/02/2015
Fantastic time,great communication and believe me this lady knows what she is doing

doncasterduncan (4) 13/02/2015
Unbelievable time with Abbie …. it doesnt get better than that!

hullguy49  04/02/2015
WOW, Abbie was everything I expected and more. She made me feel totally at home and then sent me to heaven. A very sexy lady who knows how to please a man.


MillerMan2040 28/01/2015
Abbie has warmth,charm,personality and sensuality in abundance.The complete package fellas. xx


Soup Dragon  26/01/2015
Abbie just gets naughtier and naughtier. Great use of toys hun xxx Thankyou xxx


PranA'  26/01/2015 
Totally Amazing time with an absolutely Marvellous Woman, Thanks xx


sweatpeelover  08/01/2015 
Fantastic woman, matches her photos exactly. Highly recomended.


delight 16/12/2014
another wonderful time had with this sex on! looking forward to many more in 2015 bxx


sheerdelight 08/12/2014
absolutely gorgeous.without doubt the best escort on here.brilliant communicator and the ultimate sexpert.a new friend made.look forward to more encounters.bx


Man2040  04/12/2014
An absolute pleasure from a stunningly attractive woman who knows exactly what she is doing. A top,top lady. xx


jelly legs 25/11/2014
As always i had a great time with the lovely abbie she always gives 100% its a no brainer that i will book again thanks again abbie hope to see you again soon


octav1an (37) 19/07/2014
Abbie is wonderful – caring, responsive and very sexy. A proper woman.


jelly legs
Meet Date: Wednesday 23 July

I went to Abbie new place which is in town behind the station and St Stephens shopping center

As all always the place was spotlessly clean There is parking which is easily accessible but i got there very early so i parked in the shopping center car park and crossed the road. very easy to find with an intercom on the entrance so it was very safe and discreet


About Curvy Abbie – Physical Score: 10/10

You need flame proof clothing she is hot stuff

How can you describe perfection ??

The pictures don't do this lady justice- the profile is 100% accurate

Personality Score: 10/10
I have seen abbie many times and all i can say is she is one of the most friendly and caring person i have meet on this site. As always i got what i was expecting

Services Score: 10/10
Gfe – All the services are accurate on the profile

About the Meeting Score: 10/10

Due to the very hot weather when i got to abbies room she was wearing a thin summer dress when she stood near the window you could see though and see her fantastic figure .
The first thing i was offered was a drink which i accepted as i was about to melt with the heat, it wasn't long before we were both striped and ready for action.
At this point i will not go into details what happened you will have to see her yourself.
I was offered a shower which i accepted
Abbie did not check the clock at any time during the meeting.
I have said it before but hand on heart Abbie Has to be the best on this site in hull
 all ways a pleasure to go and spend time and money with
trust me you wouldn't regret it my only regret is i cant see her everyday
Cant wait to see you again

blueandwhitewaddle 10/03/2014
A fantastic time with an old friend, a very sexy lady and very horny! She made me cum three times in an hour which says a lot about how horny she makes me!f


miller49 (5) 19/02/2014
Enjoyed Abbie's company again, she is the only girl I have seen more than once, stunningly gorgeous, the best there is by far.

monkey13 03/02/2014
Had a great time with sexy statuesque Abbie !


 Biscuits –  Tue Feb 11, 2014

I had the pleasure of visiting Abbie for an hour at the weekend. Her service is excellent. She gives plenty of attention to the cock and balls and loves to get lubed up for a titwank. Lots of oral and a lovely 69 before she gets on top for a hard ride. Kissing etc. for a few minutes before we are good to go again.

Highly recommended

Miss Abbie

chucky92 – Thu Jan 02, 2014

Generally, I am a very shy person. It's been a while since I first decided to follow through with any of my fantasies, and for a while I never thought I would. Then along comes Abbie.

Abbie is the most understanding, easy-going and reassuring person I've met, and frankly this is what led me to finally making an appointment to see her earlier this afternoon.

In person, she does not disappoint! An amazingly inviting welcome by a very stunning lady, and most importantly, a reassuring tone that promised that she too was excited for what was to follow.

I don't think her appearance, or attire, needs any embellishing here; look at her gallery, she truly is gorgeous!

It would be wrong not to, however, comment on the service Abbie offers. In short, a 45 minute experience with Abbie is an eye opener, and crucially, fantastic fun. Running out of superlatives to describe the adventure is a real danger, since Abbie truly is the best at what she does. Amazing.

I will be back, guaranteed, and would advise anyone considering it to make sure you do.


hullfc2524 –  Sat Dec 21, 2013

Hi all popped into discretion early and was met with the wonderful sight of Abbie and Jessica. Having seen Jessica a few weeks ago I chose abbie and a great choice it turned out to be. Abbie is a great addition to the fantastic girls already at discretion.Abbie gives a wonderful GFE and I only wished I could have spent more time with her. A great 30 mins with her and never mind ' did the earth move' the bed certainly did:-). Thanks abbie and happy Christmas xx

Abbie, now @ Discretion

meagain  Tue Dec 03, 2013

Unusual for me to have a Sunday to myself, and checking to see who was around what should I find but a message from Abbie informing us that she would be doing the day shift at Discretion. Well, no contest really, so having made sure that a suitably large percentage of Hull's red-blooded male population would be safely ensconced at the KC Stadium for a couple of hours, I trotted off in the general direction of Edgar Street.

Now, those of you who have bothered to wade through my reports in the past will know that the Abbster and I are no strangers to one another, but now I was going to visit her for the first time within the constraints of a parlour. Although a pre-booked appointment, she hadn't actually realized that it was me and seemed to be a genuinely, pleasantly surprised from the warm and affectionate greeting I received at the front door. Sheer delight then to follow that magnificent derriere up the steep stairs in her killer high-heels, clad as she was in a full-length but transparent black negligee with gorgeous 'Kelly Brook' designer lingerie clearly visible beneath.

This being a Discretion report, I'm afraid that most of the delicious details have to remain in the room where they took place, but Abbie was on fine form and at her most alluring, effortlessly combining that legendary charm and friendliness with the full-on visual impact and outrageous, unpredictable eroticism that have made her such a popular independent over the last few years. Safe to say we enjoyed some familiar moves, as well as some new ones. The big clock on the wall and the noisey banter from the kitchen/reception area next door were the only things that occasionally threatened to disturb the moment.

It's sad to think that the cosy Victoria Dock apartment is now consigned to blessed memory, but Abbie is keen to let you all know how much she is enjoying her new working environment. Meanwhile she can still be contacted on her mobile numbers via: or or: / with all those gorgeous pictures, as well as at Discretion where she now works most week days (not evenings) and alternate weekends.

Thanks once again, Abbie, a pleasure as always, and I hope you've remembered to give Darcie a big, long, lingering, sloppy kiss from me. If not, do it right now! Catch you both in the new year when my bank account has had a chance to recover from Christmas!


Abbie is amazing

 tonsoflove83 – Wed Dec 04, 2013

I rang abbie up after seeing the gorgeous vixen and was put at ease by her sensual voice. We arranged an appointment and for to be dressed as a sexy secretary and i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw her sexy body bursting out, her pics don't do her justice.

 As it was my first time with an escort abbie put me at ease straight away. The hour was mind blowing and i could've nibbled at her sexy body all day.

I will arrange to meet with abbie again. :

Another fantastic time with Abbie

 jellylegs ª Fri Oct 04, 2013  

After not seeing abbie for a long time i thought it was time to see this fantastic lady again.

After a phone call everything was sorted and i made my way to see her at her apartment on vicky dock (the best thing about going there is its very quiet and safe to park )
I pressed the combination for the main door of the block and as usual the door to abbies opened just enough to see a hand waving me over as i entered the door swung shut and there was Abbie looking out of this world in a see though lacy dress which showed all her curves and had her boobs spilling out the top and thigh high pvc boots ( i guess she has been shopping recently). After putting my eyes back in and lifting my jaw off the floor abbie led me to the bedroom at this point i will not go into details for what happened but i will say it was worth every penny she was on top form guys.
I would like to say at abbies age of 41 she has had a birthday recently i think she is getting better as she gets older just like a fine wine 
Abbie is one of the quietest person on the forum but when its one 2 one she loves to talk dirty (lets face it thats not a bad thing)
After spending an hour with abbie yet again my legs had turned to jelly and i was unable to walk properly wich made the drive home fun.
Anyone who is wondering if they should see abbie i would hand on heart say go for it!
 she is one of the kindest and genuine people i know

Cant wait to see you again Abbie
Abbie…and Darcie!!!

 meagain  Fri Sep 20, 2013 or


Now I'm usually an impulse punter, half a day to myself, a bit of disposable income, a quick call around the parlours to see who's available, sometimes a little more organization required to meet the independent lady of choice, but all usually done and dusted within a few hours.

This one was a bit different. Both Abbie and Darcie are popular ladies here on HAF but one is a parlour girl while the other works solo, so how would the logistics of organizing such a threesome pan out? When last in the arms of Darcie a couple of months ago we had discussed the idea,and she had suggested that, under certain conditions, she might be available to make an outcall via Discretion.

So it was that last monday morning I began to put my dastardly plan into operation. Yes, Abbie would be available on Thursday afternoon and, knowing me of old, plus having met Darcie at a couple of HAF social events, she would be agreeable to entertaining us both. A private message to Darcie provoked a very enthusiastic response, and so over the next couple of days, the details of this long desired encounter were finally put into place.

I must admit I was actually quite nervous as I alighted from the taxi outside Abbie's Victoria Dock apartment, but there right on cue was Darcie, just climbing out of a sporty liitle vehicle and looking delightfully innocent in a long skirt and sensible jacket, charming, discreet, and just right for the miserable weather. We rang the bell and were admitted to find Abbie waiting to greet us, dressed in a stunning low-cut black number and high heels. Fiscal transactions and neccessary ablutions having been undertaken, I emerged from the en-suite to find these two goddesses already kissing and fondling one another. Abbie quickly transferred her affections to me while we watched with delight as Darcie nimbly stripped off and changed into a gorgeous little outfit complete with black stockings, after which we all tumbled onto the bed and they slowly undressed me between bouts of enthusiastic two and three-way tongue-wrestling.

But here I have a problem. While I can write with agreed licence about the intimacies which occured between myself and Abbie, I have to presume that the usual strictures apply when reporting on Discretion girls, even on outcalls.

Suffice to say the whole experience was sublime, gentle, unhurried and highly erotic. To imply that Abbie and Darcie interacted well would be a miserable understatement! They also managed to do so without making yours truly feel in any way left out, intrusive or inadequate! We pleasured one another in turn and at length, we talked (quite seriously on occasion), we kissed copiously, the little old chap was perky throughout and we got through a LOT of condoms! I ended up on one knee proposing to both ladies simultaneously…can't recall their responses other than general hilarity all round. In all it was a lovely, lovely afternoon spent in the company of two of the most kind, obliging and delightful ladies I have the honour and pleasure to know.

Darcie even gave me a lift home afterwards! Bless you both.

the value of chatting… ABBIE

 room1day  Mon Jun 10, 2013 

whilst on the forum one evening early last week, I spotted Abbie had made a few posts, so with
a few cheeky retorts..a nice little banter was stuck…. this later got me to thinking I have not
seen this gorgeous woman for what at least 9-10 months…so off to bed and the next
morning after a flurry of flirty texts, a meet was set for lunchtime of the same date.
(good job it was not for teatime as no work was done whatsoever that morning.. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: )

so to the meet and surley has been mentioned before, that Abbies place of work is outstanding,
very very nice indeed and so easy to park its ridiculous. Doorbell rang, and door opened…
WHAT A VISION.. this girl is all woman..I usually like to have a bit of a natter and a catch up
but soon as I saw her resplendent in that outfit..all I could do was dive in.
As for the main event…this girl has one active imagination, and totally blew me away
as well as everything felt so natural and was 60 mins of total excitement
bliss and sheer fun..

thnx abs, and as for your suggestion, im finding it difficult to think of anything else..

Lovely time with Abbie

 345spock   Sat Jun 08, 2013 

Quick report on a visit to Abbie last week.

Its been over a year since my last visit, so decided it was time to go back and see the lovely Abbie.

After reading her AW profile I liked the sound of a "steamy togetherness shower". Made the arrangements and phoned 10 minutes before arriving to let her know I was making good time. "Would you like me naked" she asked. I almost crashed the car, but said Yes. Arrived at the door to meet a delectable and (as promised) naked Abbie. Pretty soon we were both in her shower cubicle. Abbie squeezed a large handful of shower gel into my hands and told me to go for it. Pretty soon we were both well lathered up. Abbie bumped and grinded her lovely body against mine for about 15 minutes until I could take no more. Soapy, slippy, sexy and the most amazing shower of my life. I asked if I could book her in for 6:30 every morning as any future showers would be incredibly boring and lonely.

We got dried and continued having fun in the bedroom. Not too much detail. Suffice to say Abbie was up for anything I suggested and we had a very enjoyable time.

I won't leave it so long until the next visit. If you are thinking about seeing Abbie, chop chop – get it booked. And if you are after a shower of a lifetime tell Abbie you need some steamy togetherness action. Hoo hah, just amazing. Thanks Abbie.

the lovely abbie

 hullfc2524  Wed Feb 06, 2013 

Hi all finally got to meet the fabulous abbie tonight and wow what an experience I had. From the 1st phone call to arriving at her apartment to saying bye I was made to feel special. She is one sexy lady and the gfe that she provides is just mind blowing you actually feel as she is your girlfriend such is the passion she shows.thank you abbie and I hope to see you again xx

Out with a smile

 thecageman  Thu Jan 24, 2013 

Well it's been over a week now and I think I am in just about sound mind to leave a report .

Back in December I was fortuanate enough to spend an hour with the legendary Sophie, and during our liaison I mentioned that for various reasons I had decided to give up my most favourate hobby. After many years of fun and games and meetings with lots of lovely women I started to ask the dreaded question "should I retire gracefully or keep on going , and possibly make a bloody fool of myself " I do think us punters have a shelf life, like everything else in this world . Well only time will tell. 
I hear you asking ? why is he giving up this fantastic pastime, šŸ™ šŸ™ well friends its quite easy, punting is giving me up :violin: I simply don't have the same body inside and outside as I did when I first came on the scene (when you could have a good women and a couple of pints for less than half a crown ) that will give you some idea šŸ˜† šŸ˜† .

Anyway as I mentioned earlier I went to see Sophie back in December and explained what my intentions were, and after numerous attempts at consoling her and telling her that there must be hundreds of younger men who can satisfy her needs we dicided that I should go out With a Smile on my Face :dance: :dance: , so Sophie suggested a threesome with the beautiful Abbie. Now a couple of years ago before Sophie and Abbie got together I had the pleasure of a two girl with Sophie and her frien Nat, which may I add was one of the best hours of fun I had spent in a long long time. Having known Abbie for probably as long as I've known Sophie I thought ,why not and if I'm going to die of pleasure I may as well go with the two best Indies in the business.

I decided to leave all of the arrangements to Sophie as January anytime was not a problem to me, and after a little corresponding we decided that we would meet up at Abbies appartment near The Deep on January 14th . Well the eventful day arrived and after a couple of text messages to confirm all was ok I made my way to Abbie's place . Now I'm not normally nervous about seeing anyone , especially these two ladies , but I must admit there was a few butterfly's flying around the old stomach. Armed with a nice bottle of wine I arrived at Abbie's who looked stunning in a little dark number , didn't know wheather it was a dress or a neglegie but it was definatly sexy with stockings and gorgeous heeled shoes, (just typing this is making me all horny again ) after opening the bottle of wine and mentonining that Sophie was running a few minutes late :naughty: .
Well Sophie arrived , we all had a glass of wine and got down to a lot of fun :clap: the next hour is somewhat a blur , I remember Abbie asking for more wine and looking a little tipsy lol. Like I said the hour went by all to quickly and for obvious reasons I'm not giving anything away but what I will say is that I had a such a fantastic time and I intend to live on the memory for years to come. 
One thing I would like to say is a sincere thanks to both girls and all you guys who have not met either Abbie or Sophie, you don't know what your missing , and as i've said I wanted to go out with a smile , well I definately did . 
What I did say also was this was going to be a final punt , unfortuanatley I am now having second thoughts and was just wondering if this old fella can go on just a little longer .

Thank you Abbie , Thankyou Sophie , you have made one old fella feel young again xx
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Thanks again Abbie

 pantymad  Mon Nov 05, 2012 

Great time, body to die for. Very clean and discrete will defo visit again.

Thanks again Abbie

 Fri Oct 12, 2012 

I have just got back from a 2 hour appointment with abbie 
What can i say that has not all ready been said about this wonderful lady.
The way abbie makes you feel as you walk though the door the her place is amazing you really special, she greats you like you are a long lost friend with kisses.
I have to say this now the new pictures of abbie are amazing (i wish i was the photographer) lucky git.
Not going into much detail about what happened but abbie looks great at any angle especially when the mirror has been used.
One of the best things is everything is taken very slowly i never feel like i am being rushed
She can also do a mean massage (i have had a back problem for 7 years and i have never felt better thanks abbie you should be free on the NHS)
Abbie is one of the most friendly and funny people i know and its just a pleasure to know her
I just hope i can see her again soon (she is like a drug you get addicted ) 
thanks again abbie :clap:
Abbie Again

 sammysecer Mon Oct 08, 2012

Hi to all visited Abbie once again after getting back from working overseas (as I do for a living) she is just the best lady offering services in the area. Friendly, good looking and very sexy she makes you feel as though you are just one special guy when you visit her. did not have a lot of time to visit this time but was made to feel very special. I wish I could get there every week but I never know where I am from week to week. Will defiantly be seeing her again soon unless she fancies travel to the middle east (not the nice parts unfortunately) ā— :drool: P
First time with fantastic abbie

 jellylegs  Fri Oct 05, 2012

This is the frist time i have ever done anything like this in my life i have had a borring life , thats till i found abbie on the web .
After looking at her profile and reading all the good reports i got in touch with her to arange a appointment.
Well what can i say my eyes nearly poped out my head when i saw her for the first time ( she looks 10 times better in the flesh ) the pics dont do her justice in my eyes she is fantastic.
The first time i went to see her i went to her flat ( dont use a sat nav my bloody thing got me lost) i was met by a open door with a hand waving me in as the door shut there was abbie in all her glory wearing the shortest skirt i have seen it just covered her very sexy ass and a top that was fighting a losing battle trying to keep her fantastic breasts covered.
As this was the first time seeing a escort i was a bag of nerves but i have to say that abbie sat next to me and i dont know how but she calmed me down.
After spending an hour with this fantastic curvy lady my legs went to jelly and was unable to walk in a stright line.
If you havent seen abbie you havent seen the best i would, I would rob a bank or sell some of my organs just to spend more time with her
Yes i know i have used fantastic a lot but thats the best way to describe abbie thaks hun cant wait to see you again

Abbie…FINALLY 13-08-2012

 room1day  Fri Aug 17, 2012 

Well, fourth time lucky (as they say !! šŸ™‚ ) 
monday saw my meeting finish early so a quick dash back to Hull
was onthe cards. I have previously tried to meet this woman on 
3 seperate occaisions, but all to no avail, and after meeting her
face to face at the last social I was dying to get to know this 
special lady a bit better !!!! So in vain hope I rang the number,
answered straight away, and with a little bit of juggling a time was set.
the only problem was, I was 80 miles away and only 60minutes to get
to her door.. still made it with 5 mins to spare !!!!
It has to be said Abbies place of work is the nicest flat in the nicest
area with more than plenty of parking.So, what to say about Abbie..
I would imagine most people reading this will proberbly aleady know
this fantastic woman but for those who dont she is the most likeable
genuine girl you are likely to meet and this topped by the service she
provides, is second to non, the whole experience was excellent, everthing
was done to what I can only imagine was the best of her abillity, because
she seriously blew me away.
So the 60 minute booking went by in the blink of an eye, and it was 
not until I returned to my car I realised it was 90 minutes later. 
apologies for my time keeping
My only complaint was before I left, she planted the seed of possibillity
of a meeting with both her and Sophie.. and I must admit 5 days later
the seed has now taken route.. šŸ˜€ ..but left brain asking sooo many
questions…so maybe time to put the testicles back into the compost šŸ˜†

Abbie, thanks you so much

 Mon Oct 08, 2012 

Visited Abbie for the first time a couple of weeks ago and she was every bit a good as everyone has said.

Unforgettable Abbie

sammysecer  Wed Apr 11, 2012  

This was my second visit to Abbie as I was back in the UK for a week or so, I arranged to meet her at her flat in Hull, Was met at the door by Abbie and she has a great memory as she recognised me and remembered me from my last visit, enough of that anyway.Dress to kill she started to kiss me as though I was her long lost boyfriend, she is amazing at making you feel comfortable and that she certainly did, I will not go into every detail by suffice to say she is a very special girl, who is a treasure and very sexy. I was completely satisfied with her fantastic skills etc. Just a big thanks to her and look forward to my next adventure down Abbie Road!!

fantastic abbie

 hullman69 ª Tue Jun 05, 2012 

found this ladys phone number on this site and gave her a call abbie was out shopping at the time but still had the time to talk to me and was very polite and made an appointment for the next day ( monday 4/6/12 ) i arrived and was greeted with a long sensual kiss and hug which was nice and put me at ease i opted for an hour which was well worth it this girls a gem all the time she made sure i was enjoying myself šŸ™‚ this is one sexy lady who knows how to please roll on wy next visit hullman69 { danny }

First time

 crazyhorse  Wed May 23, 2012

Had an extremely pleasant first meeting with Abbie a few days ago. She was utterly gorgeous and gave me a brilliant time.
Looking forward to visiting her again.

The delightful Abbie!

 Nureek  Sat Apr 07, 2012 

I have met Abbie a few times now over the last year and it just keeps getting better and better as she and I get to know each other more and what we both like.

Started off in the living room where we just kissed for a while (she is a great kisser) she slowly started to undress me and gave me a great BJ but not to completion, some more kissing and tasting her and it was time to try anal on with a condom and we started off slowly on the floor until she was ready and I could start to go faster, it was such a great feeling as her arse was tight, wanted to cum but didn't so off with the condom and for some more sucking from Abbie as she knelt in front of me and I eventually came all over her face and in her mouth.

After a little rest we moved to the bathroom where she peeded all over me (my first bout of watersports ever) it gushed out and looked so sexy!! (still not sure I loved it afterall it is pee, but I am glad to have tried it)

Moved to the bedroom where a few rounds of doggy, and other positions and a lot of me tasting her until she came (she really does taste great, would love to buy it in bottles!! ;)), another BJ/tit wank etc and I shot my second load in Abbie's mouth.

After all that we just cuddled and kissed a bit more until it was time to leave…

Could and would spend all day with her if I could she is a gem!

Sorry if its a bit explicit, it just gets me going again typing and thinking of it. šŸ™‚

fantastic abbie

 justinJ  Sun Mar 11, 2012 

went to abbie on the 07 Mar it a long time since i see abbie & she still fantastic as ever all way have a fantastic time with abbie thank for a good time abbie xxx


Abbie-Just amazing!

 suttonboy264 Tue Feb 07, 2012 

I fancied a punt with a different lady and after browsing on this site I decided on Abbie. Well I can tell you I'm certainly glad I did! šŸ˜€

Abbie is situated in a discrete location near to The Deep. I was greeted by her in her apartment by a big lingering kiss and it just got better and better from there on in! I was offered a shower which I declined as I had only had one a couple of hours before.

Abbie was wearing a sexy nurses outfit with stocking and suspenders, yum yum! :drool: I opted for an hour at 80 pounds which is an absolute bargain! :dance:

She then undressed me and we carried on with some fantastic kissing. Then we got down to business and it was pure bliss. We both finished the hour feeling very satisfied (me twice!) and I was offered a shower which I took up.

Thanks Abbie for great time and I will be back for more. It was only when I was halfway home did I realise I had forgotten to give Abbie a tip šŸ˜³ . I will give you a double tip next time!

Highly recommended

Suttonboy 264 (Paul)


Reviewer: bollaxe (Adultwork 20-02-2012)

Attractive lady . Certainly would recommend a visit to anyone. Full Report


Reviewer: KGSi  Adult Work (15- February- 2012)

What a lovely person Abbie is, very attractive and bubbly personality. Absolutley superb orals skills as well and boobs to die for. Can't wait for more.


Reviewer: suttonboy264– HAF  (7-February-2012)

I fancied a punt with a different lady and after browsing on this site I decided on Abbie. Well I can tell you I'm certainly glad I did!

Abbie is situated in a discrete location near to The Deep. I was greeted by her in her apartment by a big lingering kiss and it just got better and better from there on in! I was offered a shower which I declined as I had only had one a couple of hours before.

Abbie was wearing a sexy nurses outfit with stocking and suspenders, yum yum! I opted for an hour at 80 pounds which is an absolute bargain!

She then undressed me and we carried on with some fantastic kissing. Then we got down to business and it was pure bliss. We both finished the hour feeling very satisfied (me twice!) and I was offered a shower which I took up.

Thanks Abbie for great time and I will be back for more. It was only when I was halfway home did I realise I had forgotten to give Abbie a tip . I will give you a double tip next time!

Highly recommended

Suttonboy 264 (Paul)


Reviewer: JimBoss74  – Adultwork  (10-February-2011)

Awesome! As always!       Full Report


Reviewer: bim3  – Adultwork  (17-January-2011)

Wow! A very natural woman. Lots of imagination and a lovely smile. An hour of bliss! Let Abbie lead the way….


Reviewer: jt300970  – Adultwork  (15-January-2011)

absolutely beautiful woman…..more than an escort..the converstaion was fantastic too, i felt like id known abbie for years… sex for ages xxxxx


Reviewer: Meagain– HAF  (22-December-2011)

Life's been dealing me a bit of a crap hand of late, so what better way to cheer myself up than with a visit to Abbie? I've sung her praises often enough on the forum, so this won't be a detailed report, mostly because Abbie was in her role of confidante and counsellor on this occasion, albeit a sublimely sexy, and definitely hands-on one! This lady is a true gem, keeping her prices moderate but her standards high, so keep supporting her guys (and gals!). Thanks once again, Abbie.


Reviewer: leggy06  – Adultwork  (21-December-2011)

Fantastic hour with such a lovely sexy lady great fun and for the sex just great she could snog for england thanks lots xxx


Reviewer: 345spock– HAF  (18-December-2011)

Been to see Abbie twice, the most recent was yesterday afternoon (she is working later for Christmas). I'm pretty new to the escorting scene. Had a handful of visits to different ladies with varying results from 'YABADABBIEDOO' (the lovely Abbie) to 'Holy Moly get me out of here' at other places.  Abbie is very attractive – big boobs and lovely brown eyes which ticks all my boxes. Most of the time with Abbie was spent getting down and dirty. The rest of the time was having a laugh and talking about life, loves and the children we both have. Her flat is discrete and safe, lots of parking – easy peasy.

Without going into too much detail – in the course of 2 visits to Abbie I've ticked off most things on her list of services (and my bucket list). Her website description and list of services is very honest. She will do her best to make these services available to you.

If you want some HOT LOVING with a REAL SEXY, curvy woman who knows how to make you happy, enjoys the ride and takes a real pride in making your time the best thing to happen in your last week/month/life, go and see Abbie. The only thing she doesn't do is say 'No'. (Not once in the time I saw her).

She seems genuinely compelled to ensure you have a good time. She has certainly made this middle aged Scotsman a happy man. Abbie is a genuine, nice person and has given me two of the nicest hours I've had in a long time.


Reviewer: Mickey– HAF  (12-December-2011)

My first visit to see Abbie and was not dissapointed at all, She is even better in the flesh than her pictures

Was met at the door and was soon ushered in and what a delight Abbie is gorgeous and buzzing with sex appeal, the next hour was amazing as i did not have any specific requests Abbie lead the way and during the hour plenty of kissing and she even tied me up as well Abbie is a delight to be around very friendly and chatty and you get the full gfe, had a shower before i left oh and just remembered what a trick she does with a condom A truly amazing lady who clearly aims to give satisfaction and really enjoys what she does Till the next time


Reviewer: Misterhorny   – Adultwork  (7-November-2011)

This girl is amazing!! She is one of the nicest people i've ever met and is so commited to providing the best experience you could wish for. Highly recommended!


Reviewer:  fnp – HAF  (2-November-2011)

I had not had the pleasure of seeing Abbie since she moved away from Brough (which was on one of my regular routes when I was still working). Now retired and having a couple of hours to myself today, I decided to make a booking. Abbie was available at a time which suited me and so I left for Hull. Abbie directed me to her apartment by phone and let me in, dressed in a nurse's uniform (well almost dressed ). All that followed was enough to remind me what I have been missing! The oral was exquisite, the kissing divine and as for the rest……all I will say is that3 and a half hours later i am still smiling (and responding!!!!!!) so much so that "she who must be obeyed" asked me what was wrong, to which I was able to reply quite honestly "Nothing at all – all's right with the world!" I won't leave it so long till next time Abbie – you're still a bright star! Frank


Reviewer: willingnable – HAF  (26-October-2011)

Had the most wonderful time with Abbie and would recommend her for her friendlieness alone. The best and funniest start i could've imagined. A fantastic time with great oral, left with the biggest smile i've had for ages. Thanks Abbie, will definitely come again


Reviewer: dazcol  – Adultwork  (14-October-2011)

Very good


Reviewer: redwaz  – Adultwork  (4-October-2011)

Had a fantastic time, a real stunner who can suck for England WOW! Cheers babe xxxx


Reviewer: Jollyrogerer  – Adultwork  (23-September-2011)

Great time with sexy fun lady


Reviewer: shyten – Adultwork  (12-September-2011)

Wow, what a absolute sex bomb Abbie is. Fantastic sexy body, great boobs in fact fantastic boobs. Very clean apartment with safe off street parking.


Reviewer: chrisn – HAF  (1-September-2011)

Just had another amazing time with the slimmer, more toned Abbie. Greeted at the door with some full-on kissing, then on to the same fantastic experience you always get with Abbie. We did try for round 3, but, despite Abbie's best efforts, it was probably a bridge too far. I just hope her neighbours are understanding (or deaf), because you definitely know when she's orgasmed. To sum up, another hot time with an even hotter lady.


Reviewer: tonylincs – Adultwork  (17-August-2011)

Had a fantastic time with Abbie, have seen her many times and would strongly recommend her. She is a lovely, friendly and incredibly sexy lady


Reviewer: Nureek – HAF  (15-August-2011)

The tasty Sophie & lovely Abbie!

Went to visit both the lovely Abbie and tasty Sophie today and WOW what a time I had

When I arrived they were both dressed to kill, Abbie in a lovely black lazy number and Sophie in a white PVC? or leather mini dress. Abbie I have met a few times now but this was my first time with Sophie and she just looked very edible enough to eat even, which I did do later. We started off slowly in the living room where the girls put on a little show for me to enjoy but after a few mins of this I had to join in as it was too much and I just couldn't resist any longer! Lots of kissing, fingering and sucking on all parties followed, and I think we all enjoyed that, I know I did

I asked to see Abbie use her strap-on on Sophie which she did and it was a sight to behold with Abbie taking Sophie from behind and me just looking on and watching the look in Sophie's eyes. wowzers!!

We then went to the bedroom where I and I hope we all had lots of fun trying many different positions and the girls even tied me up for a little while! but all in all it was a fantastic two hours from two very very sexy ladies!!!

I feel I owe Abbie a little apology though as I paid more attention to Sophie than her which was bad of me (we will have to sort that out next time hun!!!) but even so I did attend to her a little! First time with Sophie and I wanted her as much as possible!! which I think I well and truly got

After the session we had a little chat about this and that and Sophie told me told me a little about herself and what she enjoys doing

Both girls are very fun to be around!

All I can say is thanks girls and I hope you both had as much fun as I did!



Reviewer: tuocs – Adultwork  (12-August-2011)

abbie you are stunning,responsive and passionate thanks for the ultimate gfe ,a must to see


Reviewer: meagain – HAF  (30-July-2011)

I spend a lovely, gentle, relaxing afternoon with Abbie again last week (well…one or two aspects weren't that gentle…or relaxing as I recall! ) but for the most part…

As the more observant among you will have noticed, Abbie has reduced her prices on AW: or but don't worry, there has certainly been no drop in quality of presentation or performance.

She has got some great new outfits to model for all you lovers of the more fulsome female figure, and her place on Victoria Dock is quiet, discreet and very comfortable.

No fantasy themes or wild scenarios on this occasion, just some quality time with a red hot sex goddess, who also just happens to be one of the nicest, friendliest and most caring people you could wish to meet.

Thanks again, Abbie



Reviewer: blueandwhitewaddle – Adultwork  (27-July-2011)

The most amazing hour I have had for some time, I could easily fall for her talents. Would love to keep this girl to myself!

Reviewer: JimBoss74 – Adultwork  (26-July-2011)
One of the best experiences I have had for a long time.


Reviewer: wellendowedstud – Adultwork  (28-June-2011)

Absolute perfect horny sexy woman, great 3some and certainly hope for more xxxx


Reviewer: norfolkfun1 – Adultwork  (24-June-2011)

Thank you Abbie for a wonderful time. Really made me welcome and I felt very comfortable. Gorgeous lady with a very sexy body. Would recommend to anyone x x


Reviewer: Fartypants – HAF (10-June-2011)

 Picture the scene, Farty gets to work and is feeling fruitier than a container full of banana's, the dull ache in his genitals was getting painful, his sack felt like buster gonads on a bad day. Something exceptional had to be done.
The emergency Fart phone and search light were instigated (bit like batman and the searchlight) 'Holy Swollen Gonads' was Abbingtons cry. Farty said to Abbers on the Bap-phone 'schooly uniform, loads of lippy and make it snappy'
An hour later Farty drooled into the Abbers lair, was accosted the second the door shut, the vision of absolute fucking lovliness wrapped herself around him. Farty doesn't get speechless very often, but all he could manage was 'fucking hell'
After the quickest shower ever (personal hygiene is very important kids), the afternoon continued to a crescendo that was bigger than a new years eve fireworks display over the houses of parliment Farty doesn't go into lurid details, needless to say if you want to feel incredibly special for an hour, Abbster is the one for you.
Farty was gobsmacked about how someone so attractive and genuinely nice can be such a dirty minx.


Reviewer: Gary Leeds – AdultWork (27-May-2011)

 Abbie is a tall curvy lady with long dark hair and very nice breasts. She was dressed ready for fun and certainly seems to genuinely enjoy herself. I arrived and was greeted by Abbie in a nice outfit with stockings and suspenders. As soon as I walked in she gave me a long lingering kiss and cuddle which was unexpected as it felt like I was a long lost friend but in reality it was my first visit.
She showed me to the bedroom, we took care of the financial side and she carried on the kissing and cuddling, undressing me as she went. Abbie then dropped to her knees and began sucking me, this woman can deep throat for real and it felt amazing. After a while she pushed me onto the bed and moved round for a 69.
Then it was on with the condom and she straddled me to start with so I could play with her gorgeous big breasts. Then a bit of doggy, then a bit of mish and finally she finished me off with some more great OWO and I finished in her mouth.
An amazing punt and I will definitely be back for more. It was amazing how it all happened in half an hour but was certainly not at all rushed and infact I think we went a little over.
Reviewer: Willow – HAF (23-May-2011)
 well wow what can you say apart from amazing!!!!!!!
it was my birthday at the weekend and treated to the best ever experience i have ever had and enjoyed every second of the time we had. yes abbie and sophie, the first ever 2 girl i have had, and by far the most exiting and enjoyable time too.
im not going into detail, as there is no need too.
abbie was dressed very beautiful and sexy, in a tight black dress, her breasts looked even bigger and more inviting too and the most amazing legs and bum…
sophie well wow great figure great sense of humor, wearing a lovely dress and very nice underwear too, great legs and a figure to dye for, great legs, bum and breasts, lovely eyes and a great smile and very easygoing.

just been in the same room as these 2 beautiful ladies was a turn on straight away, watching them both interact with each other was amazing and they certainly know how to keep a guy interested from start to finish.

the way in which they both entertained each other to keep me aroused was a delight, the kissing, touching and feeling of each other was a delight to watch as they both get along with each other so well.

they have a very good understanding with each other when it comes to a 2 girl appointment, as they just go with the flow and have so much fun with each other, and when we were all together it was amazing an experience i will necer forget, and might even have to save more pennies for round 2.
this was also the first time i had met sophie too, and wow, she is very easy to get along with and very open minded and down to earth. what a choice to be with abbie and sophie…. yes highly recommended for the 2 girl appointment and also 1 on 1 as well with both…

Reviewer: Mikey7174 – HAF (14-April-2011)

 Had my first experience with Abbie today saying she offers GFE is an understatement she is absolutately fantastic, beautiful And very sexy has a wonderful personality very easy to talk to, to put you at ease it was a honour to meet her and will be making my next visit soon.

Reviewer: Nureek – HAF (30-March-2011)

 Had a great couple of hours with Abbie, she is a very friendly and lovely lady, and her oral is to die for!! thanks babe xxx Till next time?

Reviewer: Tasher – HAF (15-Mar-2011)

I have just got home following a wonderful meeting with Abbie. When I saw her new pics on her Adultwork site the other day I got a sudden urge to see her again, even more so when I realised I hadn't seen her for two years.
I swiftly made contact and arranged a meeting which I spent the best part of two days looking forward to with eager anticipation and was horny as hell while at work this morning counting the minutes till it was time to go.
When I arrived at her place Abbie greeted me like an old friend. We sorted out the financials and I had a shower and then it was time for the action.There is no need to go into detail because everyone knows what Abbie is like and she is more than capable of satisfying most men's needs and desires, subject to her discretion of course. She is full of surprises, always thinking of something different to do, so all you need to do is relax and go with the flow.
As well as the sexy fun we spent some time catching up and the time flew by. I was there for at least 10 minutes over the hour and it may well have been longer if Abbie had not had to leave for a personal appointment.
It was an absolute joy to see this gorgeous sexy lady again. She really is a star.

Reviewer: Snerge – HAF (09-Mar-2011)

All I can say is "WOW" Abbie is fantastic. I visited Abbie for the first time yesterday, I have been reading all her positive reports for some time now & decided that the time had come to pay a visit. She made me feel at ease streight away, she was dressed in a very sexy outfit, she outlined the service she offered & away we went. Abbie definatly offers the GFE, & her technique is much better than girlfriends I have had. All in all a first rate service and not a clock watcher either, I will be back thanks again Abbie for a great afternoon, XX

Reviewer: justin j – HAF (01-Mar-2011)

I went to see abbie & sophie on 25 feb @ abbie they r two gorgeous lady who will put you @ ease abbie & sophie easy going & easy to talk to had an amazing time with two beautiful lady
i will be going back to see the gorgeous abbie & sophie again
Thankz for a really good time ladies
Reviewer: jkdruthless – HAF (04-Feb-2011)
Well, hello again everyone. Its been a while since I posted a report on here; hasn't it? Last Saturday I had the privelige of having a mind blowing session with Abbie whilst she was in her 'Schoolgirl' persona. It was the first time I've tried roleplay, and I've got to say that I like it.
Abbie was as Discreet as ever with texts, and the location of her flat was equally so. This lady truly is one of a kind, and we had some real fun together. Abbie looked as amazing as always in her checkered skirt, suspenders, and low cut bra.
As I said, Abbie played her part to perfection. No sooner had I come through the door when she began brandishing a folder under my nose and excaliming an indignant "B minus!?!" I will not divulge the content of the oral and practical resits she underwent, but suffice to say that they were enjoyable for both of us.
However, dring my visit; she confesssed to certain 'activites' concerning another schoolgirl in the area; one 'Sophie'. This matter requires further investigation…
All the best, Abs.


Reviewer: Meagain – HAF (27-Jan-2011)

Last week I had occasion to visit number 69, Erotica Close, in my official capacity as form master in order to explain to a Mrs Shagworthy why we were so concerned at St. Lascivia's High School about the recent conduct of her teenage daughter, Abigail. Despite having called in advance to make an appointment, I was somewhat taken aback to be greeted at the door by Abigail herself with the information that her mother had just gone out. She invited me in anyway because she had some intimate and pressing problems to discuss. I was pleased to see that even on a weekend she is proud to wear her regulation school uniform of tartan micro-mini kilt and matching tie, black stockings and stiletto heels with her hair in nice tidy pig tails, but I do think she should have put a blouse on as her black, lacy bra was clearly struggling to contain it's delicious contents.

She was most anxious that she should not be suspended from school, despite her notorious antics in the boys changing rooms, and the queue of pupils, both male and female, who seemed to be waiting for her behind the bike sheds every evening at home time.

After fifteen minutes of increasingly provocative persuasion methods employed by this young minx, I was so hot and bothered that I decided it was time I grabbed a shower while deciding whether or not to take full advantage of the delightful wares on display.

Imagine my distress on emerging dripping and naked from the bathroom to be confronted by an angry Mrs Shagworthy, looking quite beautiful in a low-cut little black dress, her lustrous curly black hair falling over her shoulders, demanding to know EXACTLY what I was intending to to do, and for, her nymphet daughter.

Well, of course I was obliged to explain in full, some aspects actually demanding a physical demonstration in order to fully convince her of my ability to fulfill such strenuous requirements.

An hour had quickly flown passed in the exquisite company of Mrs S and her nymphomaniac daughter, both roles played with equally outrageous Oscar-winning aplomb by our very own Abbie.

It has been a while since I last visited this HAF favourite, and in the meantime she has moved to Victoria Dock and now works on Saturdays, which is much better for me. There have been some changes in her life, and she still has no computer at the moment, hence her comparative silence on the forum, but she is still very much in business and wants everyone to know that.

Abbie remains an absolute joy, both as a supreme sex goddess, and just a lovely, lovely person to relax in the company of. I was well over the agreed hour when I finally dragged myself away, exhausted by happy.

Reviewer: Kingart – HAF (18-Jan-2011)

I met Abbie last Saturday morning. She looked sexy, took care of me so I left her apartment relaxed and pleased. Abbie is true lady, down to earth friendly and i would recommend her to absolutely everybody. Thank You Abbie and see you soon!


Reviewer: jj2 – HAF (30-Nov-2010)

Very late report on the time I met Abbie – my business went a bit poor after the meeting and I've had to chase around like mad – hence my time off board
Met Abbie at her old place near Bridge – she was really great from the moment her arm appeared out of the window to wave me in.
Extremely sexy lady, with a full on GFE, happy to chat about anything and everything as well as making sure that she completely drained me – the thought of her astride me still gets me up even now.
I had to go out of the country the next day – but Abbie was concerned that I wasn't on the board and called to see if I was OK – brilliant girl.
I see she's not on the board at the moment but you can guarantee a great time if you are lucky enough to see her.

Reviewer: Soup Dragon – HAF (04-Nov-2010)

…… emerged from his lair this afternoon and toddled over the river to pay a visit to a lady he'd looked at many times but never got round to visiting. Why didnt I visit sooner????? What a great afternoon!! To start with great communications all the way through, apartment easy to find in a quiet, safe area and without doubt one of the horniest, naughtiest, and sweetest girls ive ever had the privelege of meeting. I'll not go into the fine detail of what happened, others take great delight in doing that sort of thing and its not my style. All I'll say is, Abbie was attentive, caring, gentle and downright naughty…. and I loved it Thankyou Abbie for a great afternoon. Im sure another visit will not be far off. Soupie xxx

Reviewer: Shady – Hull Adult Forum (17-Sep-2010)

Visited Abbie at her new location on Thursday afternoon, if a new location makes you think twice about a booking, donâeTMt let this one. Good directions were given, and itâeTMs very easy to find from the main road. When you get there, there is lots of parking available, itâeTMs quiet, discreet and a nice safe area. You can walk into the apartments, so there is no stood on the doorstep for all to see, then a quick buss on the apartment no button and the door unlocks, and itâeTMs a short walk to Abbies new apartment. If you have visited Abbie, youâeTMll know how genuine, gorgeous and great she makes you feel, if youâeTMve not visited, youâeTMre missing out! There is also a cash machine at the small supermarket which is nearby, just donâeTMt forget to pay Thanks again Abbie

Reviewer: Laserclive47 (11-Sep-2010)

Well thats one of the best hours I have spent in ages thanks Abbie see you soon. xx

Reviewer: JustinJ – Hull Adult Forum (03-Sep-2010)

ABBIE & SOPHIE REVIEW i had my first two girl experience today with abbie & sophie. i'v have seen abbie before & it's my first time i'll had pleasure. i arrived @ abbie & she let me in abbie look gorgeous as all way's abbie i followed her up the up stairs to the bedroom & there was sophie lookin amazing she beautiful & sexy the hour was amazing & is well worth the money the beautiful abbie & sophie & together the experience is amazing two gorgeous ladies 10/10 thankz abbie & sophie

Reviewer: KingArt – Hull Adult Forum (29-Aug-2010)

met Abbie on Friday. She looked beautiful and sexy, like always. That was just a week after we had fantastic time with lovely Sophie so there was much to talk about. But obviously talking wasn`t a main subject of our meting. Like always Abbie took care of me making me incredibly happy man. I left her apartment with big smile on my face. I would recommend Abbie to anybody who want to spend time in a nice company in relaxing atmosphere full of excitement, pleasure and fun. Because that`s Abbie-wonderful lady who makes mens dreams come true. Thank you very much Abbie and see you soon!!!

Reviewer: JustinJ (21-Aug-2010)

went to see abbie on 20 of August & abbie look amazing as all way's she let me in & abbie look beautiful sexy lady we went up to the bedroom & i had a good time with abbie she is gorgeous ladie who love's her job i all way's have a good time we when i visit

Reviewer: KingArt – Hull Adult Forum (21-Aug-2010)

ABBIE & SOPHIE REVIEW Thursday 19 of August. My 30th birthday. I wanted to get an extra treat for that occasion so I booked 1 hour with two gorgeous ladies – Abbie and Sophie at Abbie`s place. When I arrived about 5 pm I was very excited but a bit nervous as well. That is understandable – you don`t meet 2 Goddess at this same time and in this same place. I have known Abbie for a while but never had a chance to meet sexy Sophie which I really regret now because she is really fantastic girl. Lovely Abbie opened the door and leaded me upstairs where I was introduced to Sophie. After a quick shower I was ready for some fun. That was my first time with 2 girls but these 2 girls put me on ease straight away and I felt like I have known them for ages. That was the best hour of my live full of pleasure, fun and unforgettable excitement.Abbie and Sophie know how to make you happy without telling them what you want. They really care, enjoy what they do and always treat the way you will comfortable and relaxed. I couldn`t believe that I was the first one to try that heaven with these two beautiful Angels. Gentlemen – if you want to experience something incredible these two ladies are for you. Do not hesitate – they are worth it!!! Abbie and Sophie- I would like to thank you for my best birthday ever. You are superstars!! Be sure I will come back for more!

Reviewer: justinJ – Hull Adult Forum (29-Jul-2010)

had a visit to see abbie on the 28-7-10 i got to abbie's & she let me in & greeted me with a kiss & she looking beautiful & very very sexy had a chat & followed her up to the bedroom had a very amazing time abbie never disrespect allway have a good time with abbie she a amazing lady & allway happy to see me thank's for a great time abbie

Reviewer: lucifur01 – Adult Work (26-Jul-2010)

Another fun time, Abbie is just fantastic

Reviewer: WYSG Anonymous Report (26-Jul-2010)

Sensuous lady with a gentle manner. Abbie's website says Abbie of York but she is actually located nearer to Hull. Communication is good at all times with good directions towards her location. She met me at the door wearing lingerie and stockings, a warm hello with kissing ensued before being led upstairs to the bedroom. I was offered a shower which I took. Abbie talks in a low sensuous voice which is nice, except that as I have poor hearing I had to keep asking her to repeat what she said which marred her efforts a bit. She's a really nice person and if you are a bit nervous visiting girls, which I'm not, she would soon put you at ease. We began with a brief back massage, followed by some deep OWO and RO. Her OWO is excellent and she was taking me a bit too close so I had to ask for some respite. We went onto some tit fucking and with her being quite a voluptuous woman she is certainly not short in that dept. Moving onto the sex, Abbie spent quite a long time in cowgirl and achieved an orgasm, it was her turn to be laid down and we had another lengthy gentle spell in missionary. Time was moving on and I had asked at the start if we could finish CIM, so off with the rubber and she brought things to a conclusion with more excellent deep oral finishing with CIM staying there throughout my exertions. She doesn't swallow and tripped off to the bathroom to dispose of my efforts. I was offered another shower before leaving which I took.

Reviewer: Lunarloan Adultwork 19th July (19-Jul-2010)

Meet Date: Thursday 15 July Meet Location: East Yorkshire (In-call) Fee: £200 Extras: None (Unexpected) Rating & Feedback… Positive – Wow! Would visit again: Yes Would recommend: Yes Value for money: Excellent Overall Rating: 10.0 out of 10 About the Venue Score: 10/10 Quiet & discreet location down a little alleyway with ample public parking close by. Abbie gives full directions. About Curvy Abbie Physical Score: 10/10 Gorgeous! Abbie was dressed in a French maid outfit, not good for the blood pressure but good for everything else! I don't understand how one woman can look, feel, smell & taste so amazing – and I did try to sample most pats of her body in the interests of research! Personality Score: 10/10 Couldn't possibly have been more friendly. Passionate from the moment her door closed behind me & she welcomed me with a long sensual snog… Services Score: 10/10 I think we covered most possibilities – some twice! Very considerate, suggesting positions & services. Others have said it before, but MY GOD Abbie's oral technique is something special!! About the Meeting Score: 10/10 From that first welcoming snog at the door, the whole experience was first rate. The sight (and feel) of Abbie's glorious bottom leading the way upstairs was followed by another snogging session at the door, then I was pulled into the mirror-walled room where she got serious!! Clothes came off & then I was treated to an oral workout, boobjob, cowgirl, spoons, finally exploding in a wonderful anal session. After a long cool drink & a chat (Abbie is a wonderful talker & listener, and remembered many details of our previous "half-time" conversations which was delightful) a gentle ripple of fingers tickling up & down my spine was her subtle but beautiful way of saying it was time for more fun! Some more boob pleasure & cowgirl, then after some playing around we settled into a 69 position where I was allowed to pay some serious oral attention to her wonderful bottom – the only drawback was that when she went to work with her hands, my face was buried so deep between her cheeks I was unable to see my load shooting into the air as Abbie wanked me to orgasm – and she seemed just about as pleased as I was with the result!! A cooling drink, more chat then a warm shower & I was on my way home looking forward to next time…

Reviewer: robboboi 19/07/2010 Adultwork (19-Jul-2010)

Wonderful experience with abbie, can't wait to see her again, come on gents shes a star.

Reviewer: Scotsman – HUll AF (15-Jul-2010)

Well finally met Abbie and 2 successive meetings on the trot, first sophie and now abbie, these two have finally restored my faith after so many bad meetings. A long time ago I made a conscious decision to leave the intimite details out. However Abbie gave me great directions no problem to find her place and easy to park the bike a huge bonus, a lovely welcome and a hot shower awaited the rest of the meetings well . . . go an visit well worth it. Thanks a million Abbie now have 2 choices . . . . oh decision decisions? I see other posts of imagine Abbie and Sophie together well count me in for that meeting would be mind blowing. Cant wait to meet you again like I said before the Scotsman is grinning!!!!

Reviewer: Crann (09-Jul-2010)

After a PM and a phone call, i finally arranged a time to meet up with Abbie again, and so Thursday morning 10am found me at Abbie's door once more, i was met my Abbie's warm sensual mouth in a long lingering kiss, after few words were spoken we went up stairs….. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh what a morning. thank you Abbie, for a wonderful time again. see you next time . xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Reviewer: Kingart – Hull AF (07-Jul-2010)

I`ve met Abbie twice now and both times had wonderfull time. Very attractive, open minded, sexy and chatty girl. Can`t find words to descripe her. I love spending time with her despite the fact time booked goes so fast. I will definitely see Abbie again.

Reviewer: lucifur01 (24-Jun-2010)

If ever you need to spend some time with a wonderful, sexy, fun woman, then Abbie should be at the top of everyones list.

Reviewer: Tommy Badman – Hull AF (21-Jun-2010)

What with two cancellations this month, and a birthday to look forward to, I've been as randy as a rampant rabbit for weeks – and as I had enough time to get to hers and back, I managed to get Abbie to fit me in… Hadn't seen her since October, but she's still looking great for a granny. She's a good looking woman, infectiously bubbly and has a wonderfully mucky laugh. After I'd unwrapped her, we enjoyed a few of my favourite things – and she'd even been out to buy some of my favourite condoms so the old fella didn't shrivel up like a cling-filmed sandwich in the sun. This meant I got to enjoy a new way of helping her orgasm, and nearly managed it in there myself… That is new. Finished with the old favourite and left with a spring in my step. Bloody good fun! x

Reviewer: Tommy Badman – Hull AF (21-Jun-2010)

What with two cancellations this month, and a birthday to look forward to, I've been as randy as a rampant rabbit for weeks – and as I had enough time to get to hers and back, I managed to get Abbie to fit me in… Hadn't seen her since October, but she's still looking great for a granny. She's a good looking woman, infectiously bubbly and has a wonderfully mucky laugh. After I'd unwrapped her, we enjoyed a few of my favourite things – and she'd even been out to buy some of my favourite condoms so the old fella didn't shrivel up like a cling-filmed sandwich in the sun. This meant I got to enjoy a new way of helping her orgasm, and nearly managed it in there myself… That is new. Finished with the old favourite and left with a spring in my step. Bloody good fun! x

Reviewer: DJ7 – Hull Adult Forum (15-Jun-2010)

Well I finally managed to get an hour with this wonderful lady. Her pics on her profile really do not do her justice. Once the formalities were over we got down to some serious, very passionate kissing which was then followed by oral both ways, some serious 69, some excellent gfe from my point of view, think Abbie managed a couple of shudders. Then she "insisted" it was my turn which we managed between us with me shooting my juices all over her body. I think we were then both done in, so laid on the bed talking – a nice touch from a lovely lady – then it was time up. Certainly won't be the last visit. Thanks darling – you are a gem!!

Reviewer: tonylincs (10-Jun-2010)

Just can't keep away from seeing Abbie, lovely time as always.She is wonderful

Reviewer: lucifur01 (09-Jun-2010)

Totally fantastic sexy horny lady.Fab time, will def book again…..soon šŸ™‚

Reviewer: fallen_angel (08-Jun-2010)

My first visit but not my last. A very special and naughty hour spent with a real star. A true GFE. Thank you, Abbie xxx

Reviewer: JustinJ- Hull Adult Forum (08-Jun-2010)

Had a good time with abbie on 08 Jun 10 she greeted me at the Door whith a smile & a kiss. She look very sexy as all way's i followed her up the up stairs & got undressed. abbie give me a massage & then oral then i went down on her. Then she went on top then did doggie then i went on top then back to doggie she give me a HJ & then i cum all over her big 38DD breasts then i got a shower & a kiss good bay. Abbie is a very beautiful curvy lady a 5 out of 5 i will return thank you for a very good time

Reviewer: robboboi (01-Jun-2010)

I had my first experience with abbie the other day and what an experience that was, i was nervous when i first arrived but abbie put me at ease straight away, we had a chat then i had a shower, i dried off and laid on the bed, abbie took control straight away and we began to 69, she gave the most amazing head it was unreal, she then began to tit want me which was perfect because she had the most amazing tits to go with her gorgeous face and sexy body, after this we began to shag doggy style and she began to talk pure filthy to me, when i was ready to cum, i pulled out and came all over her face, there was no rush to start again, i would recomend this service to absolutely every one, cheers abbie ill be back for sure xxx

Reviewer: Chris High (25-Feb-2010)

Well, I treated myself to an hour with Abbie for my Birthday present today, and I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed unwrapping any pressie quite as much Abbie met me at the door, looking gorgeous as usual, then led me upstairs (and, boy was that a nice view ). What happened up there will remain between me and Abbie, but it was real fun! Also, if I told you, it would spoil it. Once again, I cannot recommend Abbie highly enough. I am very inexperienced in the bedroom, and she is a fantastic teacher. A tip to anybody who wants to go to Abbie; ask for a striptease/lapdance. Possibly the sexiest thing that I have ever seen. After the session ended, had a shower, a drink was offered, and had a pleasant conversation with Ab. No rush at all, things were just left to run their course Thanks Abbie, hope you enjoy your 80's weekend!

Reviewer: Chris High (25-Feb-2010)

Come on guys, feels a little weird that I've now written three reports in a row. I'm sure I can't be the only one enjoying my experiences with her. As usual, Abbie was very good fun and was very accomodating. I'm still a little nervous when I show up, and Abbie is an expert at putting you at ease (In more ways than one. Giggity). She answered the door dressed in a bra and panties, looking as scrumptious as ever. The details of our encounter will remain a secret, but we both left with smiles on our faces, so it can't have been that bad . Even though Abbie was in a rush after our appointment, she was kind enough to offer me a shower after the session was over (refused, but it was still nice to have the option), and didn't push me out of the door. Most importantly, she didn't rush through the session at all. While a student's budget will not allow me to visit Abbie again for some time, I will be visting her again. Till next time Abbie, C

Reviewer: Chris High (15-Feb-2010)

My first post here (I actually came via Abbie's website). I visited Abbie in Late November; the exact date and time escapes me, but it was a memorable experience! I was a virgin and a newbie to punting (obviously), so I was naturally a little bit nervous. Abbie met me at the door, dressed in a corset, thong, stockings and high heels. After a very brief conversation (I will be amazed if I said anything intelligable, my jaw was on the floor at the time), Abbie led the way upstairs. Well, a gentlemen does not reveal sordid secrets, but it was an amazing time. Seriously guys, wipe all doubt from your minds, Abbie is an A1 gal! She is really high class, friendly, polite and gentle. She is especially good if you have little or no sexual experience. All that Abbie asks (apart from her reasonable fee, of course) is to be treated with a little respect. I had to cancel an appointment with her for last Thursday, and she was as understanding as can be. She even thanked me for givng her some notice of the cancellation. It's my 21st B'day on the 25th, and I don't have any Uni appointments on that day. So I may go back to Abbie and have the best birthday party ev

Reviewer: rapscalion699 Hull Adult Forum (21-Jan-2010)

I've only been punting for a short time and this was my first visit to an independant escort. My initial concerns about a safe location were soon dismissed, no problems there, it's very much out of the way. I can completely agree with eastyorkslad's comments in his post, Abbie is amazing. When I walked in and saw her for the first time I probably had my chin on the ground with my mouth wide open! She is totally spontaneous too, as we were laid on the bed caressing each other she just stood up next to me, did a very sensual mini-strip, led my hand to the right parts with a very sexy smile and then went straight back to caressing me… mmm! Even at the point of completion, Abbie kept looking straight into my eyes, something I've not experienced before, and her expression said that she was enjoying herself too, nothing faked, nothing false, just a very sexy natural girl who obviously loves her work! I won't give all the details but that was probably the best hour I've ever spent with a girl, and I'm definitely seeing Abbie again…..

Reviewer: Bluey Zarzoff Adult Work (18-Jan-2010)

Another wonderful relaxing time with an absolute star.

Reviewer: tonylincs (18) AWork (14-Jan-2010)

Abbie is always so warm, friendly and sexy. Lovely person and so welcoming. Cant wait to see her again

Reviewer: eastyorkslad -Hull Adult Forum (13-Jan-2010)

I saw Abbie earlier this week – very easy to sort out a time with one nice call Her location is wonderfully discreet yet easy to find from her very clear directions! What struck me first was that her photos just don't do her justice – she looks great in them but in the flesh Abbie is truly stunning! I know why they don't do her justice too – it's because she has a beautiful face! And you don't see this in the photos – her eyes are just captivating and her smile could light up a whole room! Even with just these I'd be hooked but combined with that amazing body and wonderfully infectious personailty I was just blown away! Abbie put me at ease straight away and I had a lovely time! I won't say exactly what we did but I was very pleased – 'pleased' twice in fact!!! She doesn't clock watch and I never felt rushed but just had a great time! It was lovely seeing Abbie and she is a beautful, lovely, articulate and very sexy lady! I hope to able to see her again sometime!

Reviewer: sbartle AWork (13-Jan-2010)

I had a really super hour with a sexy, friendly, willing lady, get yourself down there boys, highly recommended

Reviewer: sbartle (13-Jan-2010)

Report On: Curvy Abbie (30) Report By: sbartle Meet Date: Wednesday 13 January Meet Location: East Yorkshire Type: In-call Time Spent: 1 hour(s) Fee: £100 Extras: – Would visit again: Yes Would recommend: Yes Value for money: Good Overall Rating: 9.8 of 10 Rating & Feedback Positive – I had a really super hour with a sexy, friendly, willing lady, get yourself down there boys, highly recommended About the Venue Score: 9/10 Abbie gave excellent directions. This is a place that she uses for her work. It is clean, functional and well up to the job. It was nice and cosy on what was a bit of a cold grey morning. Parking is free and ample and close by. The property is very discreet. The entrance is via the side door with no prying eyes. About Curvy Abbie Physical Score: 10/10 Abbie's pictures are plentiful, showing her in varied outfits and they are a true reresentation of how she looks. A dark haired temptress with a nice smile and an impressive pair of shirt fillers. You will not be disappointed. Personality Score: 10/10 Her personality is spot on. She is a true Yorkshire girl who puts you straight at ease and keeps you there. Excellent! Services Score: 10/10 I did not avail myself of all the services on Abbie's likes list though we did find enough to get up to to fill an hour. I certainly was not denied anything or charged extra. About the Meeting Score: 10/10 I saw Abbie's profile, pictures and feedback and thought WOW I would like to see this lady. I was a little nervous, as I usually am when seeing a lady for the first time. After being given directions I found the house to see an arm between drawn curtains motioning to head left. Once inside I mentioned that it was an amusing site and Abbie giggled along. I knew then that I would have a good time. I was welcomed with a nice kiss and was invited to follow her upstairs. This was a sight to behold. She had worn the tiny tartan skirt from her gallery. This did not hide a heck of a lot and the view was marvellous. A beautiful round arse watching me ascend. We made it to the bedroom where we engaged in plenty of kissing which was most enjoyable. It didn't take her long to point out the mirrored wardrobes. She obviously likes to keep an eye on the action in them. I quite enjoyed it myself when I was watching her big tits swaying to the beat of my doggy style thrusts. We chatted about this and that between the energetic, mouth filled bits. We got to know quite a bit about each other in a very short time. I finished off with a shower to remove all traces of the copious amounts of lube which were used to grease that cleavage for a tip top tit wank. Abbies recollections of sexy times previously and those beautiful orbs did for me. That was the second time as well. I departed a couple of minutes over the hour with a little kiss and one last squeeze of her rear. It was a good hour which I intend to repeat. I drove back with that wonderful well spent feeling. You really should go gents. Happy punting!!

Reviewer: chaz149 AWork (05-Jan-2010)

A fantastic hour, Abbie is a very sexy lady a pleasure to be with – highly recommended

Reviewer: everlast4u 09/12/2009 AWork (09-Dec-2009)

A sexy, responsive lady with a welcoming personality and body to match. Thank you Abbie for an extremely stimulating hour.xxD

Reviewer: sir josh 09/12/2009 AWork (09-Dec-2009)

Lovely sexy lady, very sexy full figure, great BJ, higly recommended.

Reviewer: pawlyn 03/12/2009 AWork (04-Dec-2009)

what a girl she gave me the best time ever, be good to her guys she is one in a million xx

Reviewer: Bluey Zarzoff 04/12/2009 AWork (04-Dec-2009)

Fantastic. What a girl – a couple more of my boxes ticked.

Reviewer: Width 77 – Hull Adult Forum 1st Dec (02-Dec-2009)

Time spent: 30 mins Location: Abbie's place Lovely OWO, really enjoyed myself, I feel a little strange reporting this, so hence the length of the report. Kept asking if I was okay (in a nice way), I was just quiet as I was taken aback with the great service! ;o) Would I recommend: YES Would I go again: YES

Reviewer: meupu2 (25-Nov-2009)

Visited Abbie on the 25th Nov , a very friendly and personable girl. Far better looking than her avatar . On the visit , well overall a very pleasant experience , Abbie is very clean along with her flat , makes you very welcolm and relaxed. A good honest service in my opinion.

Reviewer: chaz149 (12) 15/11/2009 AWork (15-Nov-2009)

a bubbly , friendly, very sexy lady – highly recommended

Reviewer: Chrisn (13-Nov-2009)

Well, I made my first viit to Abbie (after finally plucking up the courage to visit ANYONE!) and I know it won't be my last! I was nervous as I approached her place, but she made me feel instantly relaxed. She offered me a shower, and asked what I liked. We then spent the next hour exploring each other, chatting in the interludes whilst I recovered, and I left totally exhausted, with a great big smile on my face! To sum up, I had a fantastic time with a fantastic girl, and will be back soon. PS Abbie, I hope your leg gets better soon!

Reviewer: one eyed panda- 4th November (11-Nov-2009)

Rating & Feedback… Positive – Can deepthroat for Yorkshire! Would visit again: Yes Would recommend: Yes Value for money: Excellent Overall Rating: 9.4 out of 10 About the Venue Score: 8/10 Small terrace type property, you park up and Abbie gives you directions to a discreet side entrance. You can arrive and leave unseen. Simple bedroom with a low bed, adequate but could be better. warm and cozy on a cold day About Curvy Abbie Physical Score: 9/10 Buxom lady, very much as her pics and description. Plenty to get hold of! Dressed as requested in heels and fishnets, showed off really good legs and bum. Personality Score: 10/10 Very friendly and chatty. Very pleasant lady would put anyone at their ease. Clearly likes her work and is very comfortable with herself and the work. Services Score: 10/10 Abbie gives a sensuous and responsive gfe type experience. We just went with the flow. Profile is accurate as to services. About the Meeting Score: 10/10 We started with a amssage which then progressed to some very friendly french kissing, oral on each other, 69, doggy style sex action on the bed, then more 69, I couldn't lose the urge to cum so shot a few days worth into her mouth in a 69. Her cheeks were bulging as she gesticulated she was going to the bathroom to spit, actually quite funny. Then I gave her some oral until she had a really strong climax, quite knocked her out. Then another round of prolonged oral followed by a quick run to the finish line in mish. Would have liked a third round but there wasn't time, I think I was actually a bit under the weather…… Very nice time had by all. Hope to see her again.

Reviewer: Bluey Zarzoff Monday 2 November (11-Nov-2009)

Rating & Feedback… Positive – What a woman – she's an absolute cracker! Would visit again: Yes Would recommend: Yes Value for money: Excellent Overall Rating: 9.8 out of 10 About the Venue Score: 9/10 Met Abbie at her rented house used especially for the purpose. It is fairly modern, very secluded with parking in a safe place just around the corner. About Curvy Abbie Physical Score: 10/10 Abbie is a lovely long dark haired lady with a magnificent figure. Her best attributes are her 38DD's with very responsive nipples. She greeted me in a very short dress which rode up over her shapely bottom as she went upstairs. Pheww what a sight! Personality Score: 10/10 As I came through the front door, she stood there waiting for a kiss which she returned very enthusiastically; this set the mood for the remainder of our date. Services Score: 10/10 She provides everything on her menu which will take several visits to work through – I look forward to that. About the Meeting Score: 10/10 The meeting started downstairs with a long lingering kiss and as we went up to the playroom, her warm tanned arse was gently wobbling in front of me and I just couldn't keep my hands away. The formalities were dealt with very swiftly with only one ground rule to do with respect for one another, which goes without saying so far as I am concerned. I was offered a shower which I declined as I had only just taken one in my hotel before I arrived. Abbie came back to our playroom after placing her consideration in a safe place and got down to work with a lovely soft and sensual massage with just the right attention being paid to the naughty bits. She then stretched out over my back rubbing her big firm tits into my shoulders and neck, all the while encouraging me to watch in the full length mirrors. We then swapped places and I kissed her beautiful body starting at her soft lips and working my way South via her big responsive nipples, tummy button to her already moist shaved fanny. All this time she was gently moaning with pleasure and after a few minutes she came with a loud groan and a squirt in my face. Her clit is then very sensitive but I do love to tease when that happens and she didn't object all that strongly. My problem was that I was enjoying it so much that I came as well – what a waste. Abbie then cuddled up for a bit of a chat about our experiences and to enable Percy to wake up again. She then set about a lovely long oral stimulation to get the old chap up and about while I fondled those delightful hanging tits. Sadly, it was not to be and I had to call a halt because I had a meeting to go to but it was not for want of attention or skill on Abbie's behalf. This is one dirty bird and I will be visiting as often as possible so she can "tick off a few more of my boxes".

Reviewer: rustic23 (13) AW 27/09/2009 (29-Sep-2009)

Fantastic time – easy to find, clean and safe. Abbie was wonderful in every way. Thoroughly recommend.

Reviewer: phil attley (7) AW 29/09/2009 (29-Sep-2009)

My third visit to Abbie – she is so warm and friendly but so sexy and horny too! Guys – this is the perfect GFE! Thanks Abbie xxxx

Reviewer: tonylincs AWork 7th September (10-Sep-2009)

Report On: Curvy Abbie (12) Report By: Meet Date: Monday 7 September Meet Location: East Yorks (In-call) Fee: £100 Extras: – Rating & Feedback… Positive – Lovely sensual experience ! Would visit again: Yes Would recommend: Yes Value for money: Excellent Overall Rating: 10.0 out of 10 About the Venue Score: 10/10 Abbie rents a place for her incalls, very clean and easy to find. Plenty of safe parking close by. Very discreet and private. Perfectly safe area. About Curvy Abbie Physical Score: 10/10 Very attractive with pretty face and gorgeous boobs. Abbie has a fantastic womanly figure. She dressed in a black PVC number which I requested from the pics of her on the site. Profile totally accurate and looked even more desirable in the flesh Personality Score: 10/10 Lovely friendly and warm personality, chatty and makes you feel welcome from stepping through the door. Very much a gfe from start to finish Services Score: 10/10 The sex was fantastic, a really close and erotic experience. Her oral techniques are fantastic and she loves you to return the compliment. Services are accurately described in Abbies profile About the Meeting Score: 10/10 Was met by Abbie with kiss and cuddle, led upstairs and I asked to use shower as had been driving for a while, she had clean towels available and waited in the bedroom. Suitably refreshed, started with a lovely massage from Abbie followed by much kissing cuddling and oral both ways. She just loves receiving oral ! She had a great technique for massaging my stiff member with her oiled boobs. Then after more oral, on with the condom and firstly Abbie on top, then swapped placed for missionary. Brilliant session which went on ages with Abbie coming quickly and loudly after I shot my load. Another shower offered and taken after cuddle, drink and chat. Really enjoyed my time which ran well over the hour booked, Abbie is a lovely lady who is so enthusiastic and clearly enjoyed our time together. Will be back to see her regularly and can strongly recommend.

Reviewer: go-between 19/08/2009 AWork (26-Aug-2009)

Report On: Curvy Abbie (11) Report By: go-between Meet Date: Tuesday 18 August Meet Location: brough (In-call) Fee: £200 Extras: – Rating & Feedback… Positive – superb Would visit again: Yes Would recommend: Yes Value for money: Good Overall Rating: 9.0 out of 10 About the Venue Score: 9/10 Clean and tidy place, easy to find after directions, private and discreet. Safe. About Curvy Abbie Physical Score: 9/10 Attractive woman with amazing breasts-real ones. Big beautiful nipples. Nice body, smooth skin and a joy to touch. Lovely legs and ass. Personality Score: 9/10 Abbie was very easy to talk to, I wasn't nervous at all. For a first time with her, this was exceptional. Feminine and sexy yet down-to-earth. Services Score: 9/10 As the saying goes, 'does exactly what it says on the can.' No problems at all. About the Meeting Score: 9/10 I always prefer not to go into great details with any escort and print them for all to see, but you can rest assured you will have a great time with her. A lovely woman, genuine in all aspects. Shower facilities on offer, timing was good and no clockwatching. A no rush attitude which was fine. Great oral technique and those large breasts of hers means you can have so much with them and endless possibilities spring to mind.I do think we both enjoyed each other a lot and I have said that I will see her again-and I will. I am sure the anticipation will be greater the next time now I have met her. We enjoyed sex in several positions and it certainly made for good viewing as a large wardrobe mirror is not too far away so you can watch.

Reviewer: enjoys2please 19/08/2009 AWork (26-Aug-2009)

enjoys2please 19/08/2009 Abbie soon made me feel at ease,a very sexy experience with a very sexy woman who knows how to please.Will certainly vist again.

Reviewer: Tezzer (HAF 15th August) (18-Aug-2009)

What can I say but wow! What a sensual erotic girl Abbie is. She has just given me the best experience I have had in a while. She is a gorgeous sexy lady who had me feeling very horny immediately. The first time I have been body massaged in such an erotic way and had so much attention paid to me. I cant wait for my next visit. Thanks abbie for a great friday afternoon treat, will be back soon. X terry.

Reviewer: Greg57 (Hull AF August 18th) (18-Aug-2009)

Tuesday 18 august 1pm made my way to my first visit with Abbie, o.m.g. what a lady So attentive and obliging and what a body mmmmmmm owo was fantastic tittie f***k awesome and what followed was mindblowing after a little clean up and wipe down on to main event not like me but i'm speechless. If you haven't chaps you MUST if you have you'll know what made me speechless. Will i be seeing her again….absolutely would i recommend her ….. definately. Thank you so much Abbie see you again very soon XXXXXX

Reviewer: edwardzz (10) 11/08/2009 Adultwork (18-Aug-2009)

nice inteligent lady, i enjoyed my time with her and would meet her again

Reviewer: LikesLicking Adultwork 4th August (18-Aug-2009)

Report On: Curvy Abbie (9) Report By: LikesLicking Meet Date: Tuesday 4 August Meet Location: Near Hull (In-call) Fee: 100 Extras: 0 (Unexpected) Rating & Feedback… Positive – Fantastic time, what more can I say? Would visit again: Yes Would recommend: Yes Value for money: Excellent Overall Rating: 10.0 out of 10 About the Venue Score: 10/10 Her place is clean & tidy, easy to find and very discreet. Parking is no problem. About Curvy Abbie Physical Score: 10/10 Good looking curvy brunette! Abbie has great legs, a very spankable arse, soft warm boobs and always dresses to please (she's been my regular girl for a while now!) Better looking than the pics – as always – and not the "glamourous granny" she jokingly described herself as by any stretch! She's a definite MILF though šŸ˜‰ Personality Score: 10/10 Abbie is very bubbly and eager to please, and has always gone out of her way to make sure that I got what I wanted. She's very easy to get on with and a great GFE. Services Score: 10/10 Having seen Abbie a few times over the last year or two, I can safely say that her services offered are genuine. About the Meeting Score: 10/10 Abbie has been my regular girl for a long time now. I have always felt that she enjoyed our dates as much as I have, and she is a very genuine lady. She met me at the door with a kiss in the PVC dress from her photos, and after a quick chat and fondle we headed upstairs. She has a bath and shower and has always offered their use on our dates. She has full length mirrored wardrobes in the bedroom which are perfect for watching what this little vixen is doing to you – or what you are doing to her – and a great selection of toys and outfits. Abbie's dress stayed on longer than usual, although her knickers never made it upstairs. I played with her shaven pussy while we got caught up with each other, before letting her lovely boobs out. She has large natural breasts that love to be licked and played with – they also feel great wrapped around you… After getting her all wound up, Abbie gave me her usual fantastic OWO – deep and wet while staring up at me with those big brown eyes. This lady does give fantastic head! After I'd had almost as much as I could take, she bent over for a good shagging. Abbie's arse is beautiful – although she says she hates it – and before long I had to stop myself. Abbie laid down on the bed so I could eat her, which I always enjoy as she gives a lot of encouragement! She is very responsive, and tastes great too. By this point I was ready to explode, so she gave me more exquisite oral until I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life. Abbie clearly enjoys her job and has never been a clockwatcher. She is always friendly and eager, and I would heartily recommend her to anyone.

Reviewer: phil attley Adultwork 7th August (07-Aug-2009)

Report On: Curvy Abbie (7) Report By: phil attley Meet Date: Monday 3 August Meet Location: Brough (In-call) Fee: £100 Extras: None (Unexpected) Rating & Feedback… Positive – Another memorable visit. Thanks Abbie! Would visit again: Yes Would recommend: Yes Value for money: Excellent Overall Rating: 8.4 out of 10 About the Venue Score: 9/10 Very safe area, easy to find. Safe parking nearby. Very clean and comfortable rented house with discreet side entrance. Bedroom has full wall mirror, which doubles the fun! About Curvy Abbie Physical Score: 9/10 Profile and gallery give very accurate impression. Abbie is very pretty with lovely eyes. In-proportion figure, with wonderful 38DD breasts and gorgeous long legs. Sexy secretary outfit fulfilled expectations. Other options on profile Personality Score: 10/10 Abbie greeted me with lovely warm hug and kiss. She is extremely friendly and puts you at ease immediately. Her GFE is by far the best I have experienced, even from a girlfriend! Services Score: 5/10 All services available as listed on profile. I had massage, oral both ways including long 69, and toy show. Abbie is astonishingly good at everything! About the Meeting Score: 9/10 Shower taken on arrival. Abbie then performed a tantalising and erotic striptease and lapdance for me. Long and lovely massage followed – the body to body massage felt wonderful as Abbie slid her magnificent breasts up and down my back. I then relished outstanding OWO from Abbie, and we moved into prolonged 69, when her lovely sweet shaven pussy and clit enjoyed the attention of my tongue. Abbie has several toys available to add to the enjoyment, and used one to tease around my balls as well as pleasuring herself with a large vibrator. Abbie believes in giving a no rush experience, and I felt under no pressure whatsoever time wisw. To summarise the fantastic hour I spent with Abbie, she is undoubtedly the most caring,devoted,friendly,enthusiastic,giving and gorgeous escort I have seen. She is very special! I think I will return many times in the future. Gents – put Abbie on your 'must visit' list!

Reviewer: Crann (HAF July 30th) (01-Aug-2009)

Tuesday morning , the 28th of july 2009 , arrived , bright and early , ( well it was actually 1158am , i had had a late night on monday ) and so a coffe , 2 cigarets , a shave , a hot shower , and the best smells went on , and the reason for all the attention to my self ? It was for a special lady that goes by the name of Abbie ,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm , I last went and saw Abbie , in april ! wow time has certanly flown , she met me at the door , in her new black latex number , ( blow me did she look hot ) after a long passionate kiss , and with hardly a word spoken between us , we headed up stairs , what followed can only be described as mind blowing . For those of you who have been there you know what i mean , for those of you who have not been and seen Abbie ,oh you dont know what you are missing . As you can probably gather , i will be going and seeing Abbie again . Thanks for a magical time Abbie , see you soon . xxxxxx

Reviewer: jim1960man Adultwork (30-Jul-2009)

Report On: Curvy Abbie (6) Report By: jim1960man Meet Date: Monday 13 July Meet Location: Near Hull (In-call) Fee: £100 Extras: No extras, all included ! (Unexpected) Rating & Feedback… Positive – Awesome, is the only word to describe this Sex Godess, FANTASTIC ! BBBJ second to none. Been several times, think I will be going for ever ! See you soon. Would visit again: Yes Would recommend: Yes Value for money: Excellent Overall Rating: 10.0 out of 10 About the Venue Score: 10/10 Visited Abbie in a lovely clean , tidy home. Its very easy to find, with good safe parking just around the corner. Very discreet entrance to the house and feels very safe as this is alovely village. About Curvy Abbie Physical Score: 10/10 How can you start to describe Abbie. Beutifull young lady, with come to bed eyes and the most gorgeous breasts you will ever see. One of the best bits of the visit, is following her up those stairs. with that lovely bum right there in front of you ! ! Her pictures on the profile do not do her justice, and she has a wicked smile ! Personality Score: 10/10 Abbie makes you feel at ease right from the off, and you will definately get a true girl friend expeirience. Abbie is the friendliest girl you will ever meet, but turns into a sex Godess in the bedroom. Services Score: 10/10 I have visited Abbie several times now and have had the most wonderfull time on each occasion. I don't like to go into too much detail (but I suppose that's what people want to hear), suffice to say, you will get the best BBBJ ever, taste the most beutifull pussy and have the best sex there is on offer ! About the Meeting Score: 10/10 Abbie never watches the clock and you will get the best value on offer, as she thoroughly enjoys seeing you recieve the pleasures she is so expert at giving. Both before and afterwards, bath, shower etc, are all offered. Abbie definately enjoys her work and has all the toys and oils etc needed for your pleasure, and believe me, you will not visit just the once, I thought I would, but believe me, I think I will be visiting Abbie for a long time to come. Adult work has many girls to choose from in the East Riding of Yorkshire, all of whoom will have their own special offers. but, if you have tried the rest, treat yourself and go try the best. Thanks for all the pleasure you give. Now I am back from my jollies I hope to see you very soon ! ! Old Blue Eyes

Reviewer: phil attley 14/07/2009 (30-Jul-2009)

Abbie is gorgeous, very sexy, and also has a great personality! She put me at ease immediately and I had a superb, horny hour in Abbie's company!

Reviewer: thebaron1 17/07/2009 (30-Jul-2009)

Had a fantastic time with abbie the best BJ EVER thanks abbie x

Reviewer: bardybill 19/07/2009 (30-Jul-2009)

Excellent dirty wife like experience. Will return in future.

Reviewer: addie_87 23/07/2009 (30-Jul-2009)

this girl is superb. great fun and does everything on her profile. Highly recommended

Reviewer: humbertraveller1 Friday 24 July (30-Jul-2009)

Report On: Curvy Abbie (6) Report By: humbertraveller1 Meet Date: Friday 24 July Meet Location: HULL (In-call) Fee: £100 Extras: Not needed (Unexpected) Rating & Feedback… Positive – Superb Would visit again: Yes Would recommend: Yes Value for money: Excellent Overall Rating: 9.8 out of 10 About the Venue Score: 9/10 I visited Abbie in a rented house. Everything was very clean. Abbie's directions are excellent and I found the premeses without any difficulty. There is no problem withparking. The environment feels very safe and the entrance is dicreat with no risk of being seen by prying eyes. About Curvy Abbie Physical Score: 10/10 Abbie is absolutely gorgeous. She was dressed in very sexy langerie with stockins and suspenders. She is an absolute delight to see as she lets you in. Personality Score: 10/10 Abbie is the most natural escort that I have ever visited. She has a lovely friendly personality which puts one instantly at ease. it is very easy to have a conversation with her and she provides a wonderful gfe. Services Score: 10/10 Abbie gave me one of the most erotic experiences of my life. her services are accurately reflected in her website. She does not rush and clearly enjoys what she does. Wonderful oral (both ways). Absolutely everything that I was looking for About the Meeting Score: 10/10 Abbie seemed to really enjoy our time together and doesn't hold back at all. I had a shower both before and after our time together which was welcome as it was a warm afternoon. She gave me a welcome drink at half time" and she certainly does not clock watch and we went over time . She is so natural that one just doesn't notice the time. Abbie needed to leave after our appointment and we dressed and chatted together in an very natural manner infact seeing her in normal clothes at the end made it feel even more of a true gil friend experience. Abbie is certainly punctual. In fact she texted me 15 minutes before the time to say she was ready. That was useful as I was early myself. In summary I can absolutelyrecommend Abbie to anyone. I am not in Hull very often these days but I will make a point of seeing Abbie next time I am back!!

Reviewer: Meagain (Hull AF 29th July) (30-Jul-2009)

Name: Curvy Abbie Contact: 07516837522 or 07938758244 Location: Brough Day/Time: Friday 2.00 pm Cost: £100 Extras: none IâeTMve been trying to organise a visit to this lady since she first appeared on Adultwork as East Yorks Abbie. I used to flash through the village were she lived nearly every weekend on route to and from York, but somehow never at a convenient time. Now she has re-located to Brough, at least for working purposes, which is much better for us Hull lads! A cheerful phone conversation, and a meeting was quickly arranged. I arriving by train but she is only a brisk five minute walk from Brough station. As I approached her discreet place she flashed me topless from the back window! A winning smile and two lovely big breasts with brown nipples winking like homing beacons! I had requested a sluttish outfit and Abbie didnâeTMt disappoint, greeting me in a fishnet body stocking, mini-skirt and stilettos. I was no sooner in the door than our tongues were intertwined. After posing and pouting for me on the stairs (I never tire of that!), I was quickly bundled into the shower, before joining her in her comfortable boudoir. A most relaxing but invigorating hour followed. An unashamedly big, curvy girl, this lady is an expert in erotica, gently seductive one moment, outrageously provocative the next. It was an overwhelming sensual experience which IâeTMm afraid IâeTMm not even going to begin to describe in detail. Suffice to say I think I sampled a little everything on the menu, but she assures me there is plenty to warrant a return visit! However, perhaps the nicest thing about Abbie is that she really has time for you. We spent ages afterwards just talking and learning a lot about each other. She is also very knowledgeable and articulate about the punting scene, with a genuine interest in and concern for the other girls involved. A warm, kind hearted, affectionate and beautiful lady, in all I liked Abbieâe¦I liked Abbie a lot!

Reviewer: a1andy528 (Hull AF 30th July) (30-Jul-2009)

Name Abbie Parlour N/A Website Date of Visit Sat 25th July Time Booked 1 Hour Phone 07938 758244 Age 34 Height 5âeTM4âeĀ Dress Size 14 Bust 38DD Hair Shoulder length brunette Basic Cost £100 / 1 hour Extras N/A Abbies flat in Brough. very discrete,safe and clean, easy to find. About the session Hi all i'm fairly new to punting and posting on this forum. Decided to visit Abbie and was not disappointed and as promised here is a report, so here goes. I rang Abbie on the Thursday before to see if she would be available on a saturday afternoon and she said yes due to having a bit of notice. She asked me to ring back on the friday just to confirm, so i did. On the phone to Abbie, she asked me if there was anything I wanted her to dress in and about the services required and she was very pleasant on the phone. She has lots of outfits and provides most services. Just ask her. Saturday arrived and headed down to Brough to the local shops and told to ring when i got there for the last bit of directions. Parked on the drive (no over looking neibourghs), and Abbie waved me into her flat from the window. Abbie greeted me with a kiss and looked amazing in the voodoo dress, stockings and high heels she had put on for me. Not going into step by step detail about the hour but it included kissing, tie n tease, anal, owo. All this was done with alot of passion. Abbie you are one sexy lady with a great body and legs, and you give the best blow jobs. Would I return ? Yes, definitely

Reviewer: Steste (Hull AF July 21st) (28-Jul-2009)

I went to see Abbie about a month or so ago and had a fantastic time. Abbie – as soon as I can make the opportunity I will be back to see you again! Steve xx

Reviewer: Creative1 (Hull Adult Forum 29th Feb 09) (19-Jul-2009)

Spent an hour in company of lovely Abbie today, a real pleasant gorgeous lady with a figure to die for , as it was our 1st meeting needed directions on the phone, found her place real easy and very discreet. She greeted me in a very sexy secretary look and straight away put me at ease with her lovely manner. Abbie gives a real girlfriend experience, and throughout the visit did everything in her power to please, and wow does she please . even applogised when I pushed her off the bed (or did she just slip). certainly didnt feel rushed at all quite the opposite . abbie provides all the services on her website and I had a fantastic time. She has wonderfull eyes and smile (although must appologise for looking down) as she has two wonderfull assets as most can see on her avatar. I would not hesitate in recomending Abbie to anyone the experience is exactly what I am looking for in a punt, and she was the perfect escort. would I go again I hear you say ? YEP is my reply (anytime)

Reviewer: imup4itwithyou (Hull Adult Forum 28th Feb 09) (19-Jul-2009)

Thursday 26th was my first experience with a escort this was with Abbie, what a attractive lady sexy tanned body pefect breasts, she is polite, made me feel comfortable, gave me a excellent massage to relax me before a hour that i wont forget, a fantastic GFE, Oral (deep throat) OWO, gave her a taste licking out. wet hard 69er and sex in mean positions to completion, she knows how to please a man no complates at all. thank you Abbie can wait for my next visit.

Reviewer: Crann (Hull Adult Forum March 12th) (19-Jul-2009)

Spent some time with Abbie on wednesday , …………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………………………………………………….. ………………………………………………………………………………….. words fail me , but , wow , i think i,d died and gone to heaven . Thanks Abbie , untill the next time .

Reviewer: Tasher (Hull Adult Forum March 27th) (19-Jul-2009)

Saw Abbie again last week, the first time I've seen her for a few months. Within minutes of arriving I knew I'd left it too long cos she looked great and seemed really pleased to see me. I can't remember how mny times I've seen Abbie now but she knows what I like and she's not afraid to tell me what she likes. Abbie does just about everything you could want from a woman and does it with skill and enthusiasm. Some things are at her discretion but nothing costs extra (well nothing I've ever asked for anyway). Unfortunately I was only able to come once during the hour and Abbie seemed more bothered about it than I was (think it offended her professional pride ) but i was more than happy having had a great time. Her new place is much easier to get to than the old one and at only £100 pe hour now she offers fantastic VFM. Thanks abbie and I won't leave it so long next time xx

Reviewer: JohnM (Hull Adult Forum March 31st) (19-Jul-2009)

After years of wanting to i finally took the bull by the horns and had my first punt (mainly due to the hull adult forum site) What a fantastic choice i made. Abbie welcomed me with open arms, she made me feel so relaxed from the first time we spoke. She was so understanding of the way i was feeling and knew exactly how to put me at ease and enjoy the experience. I was greeted at the door with a very gentle cuddle, and from that moment i was putty in her arms. She looked absolutely stunning, dressed to kill, gorgeous long black hair and i can honestly say her eyes are the most beautiful, sexiest i have ever seen, they instantly say to you `lets go to bed`. The following hour was out of this world, simply the best sex i have ever experienced, it was breath taking. The biggest compliment i can say to Abbie is `I WILL BE VISITING YOU AGAIN VERY VERY SOON` .Abbie many many thanks for a wonderful time, not only are you a gorgeous, sexy girl, but you are also a very very good listener.

Reviewer: Shy Hull Male (Hull Adult Forum April 29th) (19-Jul-2009)

Field Report By Shyhullmale Well, i had originally planned to visit Abbie at the end of February but she was away at her Butlins 80's Weekend, so we rescheduled for the end of March. Unfortunately on the day, the booking had to be cancelled due to illness. So end of April came along and this time i made it to Abbies place and as you can read, had a fantastic time. Thanks for an enjoyable time Abbie, it was definitely worth the wait! Name Abbie Parlour N/A Website Date of Visit April 2009 Time Booked 1 Hour Phone 07938 758244 Age 34 Height 5âeTM4âeĀ Dress Size 14 Bust 38DD Hair Shoulder length brunette Basic Cost £100 / 1 hour Extras N/A Her Place AbbieâeTMs flat was easy to find in Brough. I arrived by train and it was only about 5 minutes walk from the railway station, it is also very easy to find for those arriving by car. Services Abbie lists many likes on her profile and although we did not partake in them all, the ones that I wanted to partake in were all readily available and willingly enjoyed by both of us. About the session I had been in touch by email previously and had requested a role play situation where Abbie was a WPC and found me in her flat. Her uniform had all the relevant accessories including truncheon, hat and handcuffs. We started where I was in her bedroom and she entered and discovered me there. Before I could leave, she had my hands behind my back with the handcuffs on. This meant that I was now powerless and could not prevent her from using me as she wanted. She started off by searching me which involved her removing my clothes. When she found what I was concealing, she was soon on her knees in front of me and sucking away happily. Within a short time, I informed her that I was going to explode and she carried on until I exploded in her mouth. After a clean up, Abbie then decided it was my turn so I laid between her thighs and paid attention to her nicely shaven pussy. I love licking them when they are nicely shaven. After Abbie was satisfied, it was on with the condom for the main event. After various positions, we were both satisfied. I was then offered a cold drink and after a chat, it was time to get dressed and leave. If this is how the wpcâeTMs deal with strangers in their bedrooms, I think I will soon be in handcuffs again and I wonder how I will be punished the next time and who by! Would I return ? Yes, definitely

Reviewer: SlyFox (Hull Adult Forum July 13th) (19-Jul-2009)

I had the pleasure of meeting Abbie today….and the pleasure was all mine!! I met Abbie today at 10.00 this morning for a blissfull hour…. Shes located in a discreet place about ten mins away from the Humber, dressed in a secretarial outfit, stockings, high heels, and a warm friendly face… I got a twinge there and then STUNNING Abbie has a touch, very friendly, made me feel at ease ….. Heres a Lady who knows her stuff, and dosent hold back, fully equipped i might say. Shower was offered with a washed back , how relaxing I booked for the hour which was £100, well worth the money!!! DEFFENATLY WOULD RECOMEND ANYTIME

Reviewer: Kingston (Hull Adult Forum 16th July) (19-Jul-2009)

Would like to say a big thank you to Abbie for my 2nd ever punt On Wednesday this week! Had a fab time and Abbie made a very nervous guy feel instantly relaxed! Will definitely be back for more! See you soon! S xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Reviewer: Steste (Hull Adult Forum 17th July) (19-Jul-2009)

I went to see Abbie about a month or so ago and had a fantastic time. Abbie – as soon as I can make the opportunity I will be back to see you again! Steve xx

Reviewer: cagey (28-Jan-2009)

A lovely very sexy lady – had a brilliant time- will definitely book again

Reviewer: sevenbysix (27-Jan-2009)

I've spent a lovely hour with a lovely lady. Abbie delivers everything on her profile and more, relaxed, unrushed, and oh so sexy. Would definately book again.

Reviewer: lincsclitlicker (01-Oct-2008)

Fantastic time with a wonderfully sexy women who knows how to please!!

Reviewer: trickydickydee (25-Aug-2008)

I had a great time ,no rush and a fantastic lady ,got to book again soon

Reviewer: Tasher (14-May-2008)

Well I saw Abbie again today and had a fantastic time with her. I won't need to go into detail so far as her services are concerned other than to say she provides everything listed on her website, although some are at her discretion. Fortunately she exercised her discretion in my favour Although I only paid for an hour I was with her for over an hour and a half including a cooling down chat afterwards, a cold drink and a shower. She gives a first class service and obviously enjoys her work. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Reviewer: Oldman (08-May-2008)

Just had a super hour this afternoon with Abbie, (first time meet). Nice clean and quiet location, easy parking, good directions. Abbie really knows her stuff and is eager to please. Plenty of toys to play with and I'm not even including those fabulous breasts… Most requests catered for as per her website and I think she enjoyed herself as much as I did. After nearly an hour I was well and truly nackered. Cup of tea and a chat with a great talker finished it off. Give Abbie a try if you like to have fun.

Reviewer: Jagman (13-Mar-2008)

I had the great pleasure of spending an hour in Abbie's delightful company, on Tuesday afternoon. She was fantastic. I had been feeling a bit low but Abbie put a smile on my face which is still there. She is located about 2miles from Shiptonthorpe, on the Hull to York road. With the telephone instructions, which she gave me, I found the house quite easily. The welcome was a little unusual, but I'll let you experience that for yourselves, certainly nothing to be concerned about, just unusual !!! Abbie was dressed in exotic underwear, fishnet stockings and high heel shoes – all very nice. Probably because this was our first meeting there was a bit of chat; asking about my likes and dislikes (not many of those) before we got down to business. A relaxing baby oil massage got things rolling and it was only a couple of minutes before those lovely breasts were were rubbing around my neck and cheeks and what had started off as a hand massage had developed into a whole body massage. She didn't hold anything back and soon my face was buried in her quim (gulp. GULP). This progressed quickly into 69, which she seemed to enjoy as much as me. A few minutes of rimming then took place – me on her and then sorry to say, things became a bit blurred. A variety of toys were used and sex in several positions was sampled all very nice and led to a very explosive climax, for me. We still had time for a relaxing cup of tea and a wind down session, to allow me time to get my breath back. All in all, an extremely enjoyable experience and one which I am already eager to repeat, as soon as I have the opportunity. Thank you, Abbie. Please see Abbie's advert, in the Independant's section. The details there are entirely accurate and you will get a very good idea, of what you are going to receive.

Reviewer: Tasher (08-Feb-2008)

I don't often post two reports on the same girl but saw Abbie again today for an hour. I say an hour because that's what I booked (and paid for) but was there over an hour and a quarter. Abbie offers a wide range of services as detailed on her website and although some are entirely at her discretion she doesn't charge extra for anything. Apart from her skills in bed she's very friendly and genuine and easy to talk to. The whole experience was totally unrushed and you really need to spend an hour with Abbie to get the most out of her. Afterwards I enjoyed a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit and then a shower while she scrubbed my back. Thanks for a great time Abbie xx

Reviewer: Icepop (23-Jan-2008)

Had a very pleasurable time with Abbie at her place in ******** which is a lovely house in a cul de sac,discreet and easy to find.IMHO Abbie is gorgeous ,as you can see by her pics on the site but her personality is something special,you get a GFE like youve never had before, plenty of passionate kissing moving on to a roll around the bed some Reverse O at her request which I think she enjoyed !!before a beautiful BBBJ ,resulting in CIM and a swallow,she has little toys if you want some (for her and you) and afterwards offered me a massage ,shower,coffee etc, with no rushing whatsoever,a fantastic time cost was £80 for half hour but in my opinion having visited quite a few other girls off the board (including sophie I may add )she is by far and away the best experience for me .At the end she endeared herself to me by proclaiming how large my weapon was !!Thanks for a great time abbie XX

Reviewer: Teepee (09-Jan-2008)

I was thinking about what to write… then read Tasher's FR again and thought… he's said it all ! Well done Tash you were spot on and thanks Abbie for a memorable experience teepee

Reviewer: Tasher (14-Dec-2007)

I visited Abbie for an incall today. I had arranged to see her a couple of weeks ago but I had to cancel at short notice which she was very good about. Rang her yesterday and arranged to see her today for an hour. Rang her this morning to confirm booking as she had asked me to. She then told me she had a family committment which she had forgotten about so she could only see me for half an hour and did I still want to see her? It didnt sound too promising but I decided to go through with it and boy am I glad I did Abbie's website pictures are accurate except she is now a brunette not blonde. Website says she is 33 and I wouldn't argue with that; if anything she looks a bit younger. She is a size 14 so not for you if you prefer skinny women but if you like big boobs and a nice round bum she's just the job. Good legs and a pretty face too Because we only had half an hour it was straight down to it with full on snogging before we undressed and she knelt down and started giving me owo. Abbie is clearly something of an oral specialist; she told me she just loves it and that was pretty obvious She likes receiving too and has a very sweet shaven pussy. We didnt actually get round to having sex because after a session of 69 I was happy just to lay back and watch her sucking me until I came in her mouth. I think she swallowed it too – at least I didn't see her spit. Even though she was pressed for time she didn't rush me out of the door. In fact she made me a cup of tea and we chatted while I drank it. She is very friendly with a lovely personality. I paid £80 for half an hour which is clearly a lot of money but she was well worth it. The next time I see her it will be for an hour because 30 minutes is just not enough with this girl. Thanks Abbie Tasher

Reviewer: Spencer (04-Dec-2007)

I went to see Abbie on Saturday at 11am she lives just outside Beverley on the york road lovely clean house i had asked for the secetery look and wow she did a lovely personalaty easy to get on with no rush a body to die for well worth the visit and the money a little bit more than i usly pay but well worth it i booked for an hour but spent nearly an hour and a half hopefully will be back before Christmas xx david
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